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                     Part 1 of 3 Articles.

It is necessary for all honest revolutionaries and progressives
to lead the masses and counter-attack the reactionary slanders
against the People's War and the World Proletarian Revolution.

Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM), a tiny gang that claim to
be supportive of Maoism (it alleges to uphold "Mao
Zedong  thought"), gives the appearance of supporting the
People's War in Peru, and suspend its "support" when in reality
there was never a sincere "support."  MIM's "support" has been
distorted in favor of opportunist and counter-revolutionary
views. Furthermore, MIM. confuses the political character of
revolutionary developments, and it expresses patronizing
self-serving positions through a false characterization of the
people supporting the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). MIM attacks
many modest and sincere supporters who struggle and give their
work, their food, their sacrifice to the People's War; MIM calls
them "ultraleftists" and "cops" which is a futile attempt to
discredit them.  Such unjust misrepresentation of honest people
and events is a clear attack against the PCP, the People's War in
Peru and the World Proletarian Revolution.

MIM continuously presents the RCP-USA (RCP) as a revisionist
clique, but at the same time it follows the misconceptions
formulated by the RCP. It pretends to criticize the RIM, but for
years has sought vainly its participation in such an organization
which has always considered MIM a "suspect entity." Let us see
this in detail.

Let first deal with the phony stories being generated by MIM., in
special the article published in "MIM. Notes" No.95, page 9,
December 1994, titled "People's War, not capitulation, in Peru".

MIM's article presents the following conditional observation to
describe the reactionary attack of "peace accord": "If comrade
Gonzalo was telling the people to lay down their arms, then how
come Fujimori doesn't let Gonzalo speak to the whole people,
openly and with witnesses as to his health? Seeing this, the
majority of the revolutionary Communist Party of Peru (PCP)
opposed entering peace negotiations at all."

Above, MIM simply re-formulates the same argument that the
RCP-USA is continuously presenting every week, since 1993, in its
newspaper the "Revolutionary" Worker. It says: "Fujimori has
repeatedly claimed that Chairman Gonzalo has made a call for
negotiations from prison. In this situation, what possible excuse
can Fujimori now offer for continuing to deny Comrade Gonzalo
independent contact...? It is vitally important for people in
Peru and around the world to hear what Chairman Gonzalo's views
are from Chairman Gonzalo himself -directly and unimpeded. "

After 16 years of victorious People's War, during the strategic
equilibrium stage in preparation for the strategic
counter-offensive, the RCP suppresses the position of President
Gonzalo and his harangue from the cage. The leaders of MIM and
the RCP-USA acted as if they had amnesia, and suppress the views
of President Gonzalo in relation to the People's War. As
President Gonzalo himself and the PCP express,
now for decades, the path to follow is the armed struggle to
conquest Power in all of Peru to serve the proletariat and masses
of poor and oppressed peoples. MIM and the RCP manipulate every
excuse and simply refuses to denounce and reject the reactionary
"peace accord" for what it is: a sinister imperialist attack
against President Gonzalo, the PCP, the People's War in Peru and
the World Proletarian Revolution.

Both MIM and RCP-USA play what Yankees call "mind games",
double-speak to cover up their bourgeois counter-revolutionary
position. The RCP creates the false appearance that it is unknown
if President Gonzalo wants to continue the armed struggle, so
people should hear it "directly and unimpeded" from him. MIM and
The RCP-USA go along with Fujimori's plot. "In this situation"
can only serve to present President Gonzalo as a capitulator, and
thus "what possible excuse can Fujimori now offer for continuing
to deny comrade Gonzalo independent contact...?" This is wrong,
this is a falsification of reality, MIM and the RCP-USA now not
only portrays itself as speaking "...for people of Peru and
around the world", but also promotes individualist
capitalist ideology; This is a counter-revolutionary maneuver to
deceive the public. MIM and RCP messages imply: "so he
surrenders, now let us see him, now there is no excuse to keep
him in isolation, respect human rights" and use the cover to
"Defend the life of Doctor Guzman... in this situation"- However,
it is clear, to all Maoists and sincere supporters of the
People's War, that THE MASSES MAKE HISTORY, that President
Gonzalo would never claim that his life is more
important than the revolution. If that was so, he could have run
away many years ago and live in some foreign country, as R.
Avakian is doing in France. MIM and RCP-USA leaders are real
cowards, to say the least. What is Avakian's justification for
"living in France" for over a decade? What is he afraid of? who
or what is he running away from? Who supports his living? Now it
is clear why RCP-USA puppets go around whispering to people: "if
you support the revolution you give a dollar." That's why the MIM
traffickers sell w/o authorization our materials (MIM's Peru
Study Pack, MIM's Productions, send checks to MIM $ etc.)  For
the MIM and RCP-USA Yankees everything is money. MlM's position
is hardly any different than the RCP's, both are Yankee
organizations working for the world counter-revolution; both
organizations are camouflaged as "leading maoist parties" to
attract sincere revolutionaries into a trap.

MIM claims that "the majority" of the PCP takes a position
because of President Gonzalo's isolation, that his continuing
isolation proves that Fujimori is lying. MIM forgets that the
reactionaries in Peru and all over the world have been deceiving
the masses for years, and the "video" and "peace letters" are
simply components of low intensity warfare prepared by a handful
of capitulators and the intelligency services against the
victorious strategic equilibrium in the People's War.

MIM should remember that the PCP applies the ideology of the
proletariat: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought,
principally Gonzalo Thought, in leading the masses to the
conquest of Power, in People's War!! MIM is wrong to advertise
that the manipulation of images, that the "isolation" or
visibility of President Gonzalo is the PCP's main reason for
carrying out the preparation of the strategic counter-offensive.
MIM and the RCP-USA suppress and attack the great conquests and
heroic struggles of the Peruvian people. These phony "maoist"
groups uphold "leaders make history," that's why they
focus in individuals, and use such to suppress and attack the PCP
Central Committee, the People's Front of Liberation (FPL), the
People's Committees of Workers and Peasants, the victories of the
heroic People's Army of Liberation (EPL), and the STRATEGIC
EQUILIBRIUM in preparation of the counter-offensive.

MIM and the RCP-USA hold similar positions; both present
themselves as "Leading maoists"; MIM even put up a phony
"competition" against the RCP to deceive people. In practice both
are working together, both are, in practice, supporting
counter-revolutionaries. Such is quite clear by the actions and
propaganda that both MIM and the RCP promote and generate since
1993. Both have remain silent for almost 2 years after Fujimori's
call for the hoax "peace talks."

After confessing some organization difficulties because "... The
leadership itself is unclear about the difference between
revisionism and Maoism," MIM presents in its article two lines,
two currents as existing within the international communist
movement in support of the People's War in Peru,"the Right
Opportunist Line" and "The ultraleft" MIM explains:

"The prestige of the great Peruvian revolutionaries paid for with
the blood of the Peruvian people went into backing revisionism in
the imperialist countries. Peruvian exiles sickened by this could
not help but wish to upgrade their relations with genuine Maoist
organizations like MIM. They did not wish to let revisionists
attract new revolutionary forces to their banner by using the
prestige of the Peruvian revolution".

So "revolutionary prestige backing revisionists" is corrected
through upgrading relations "with genuine Maoist organizations
like MIM." Peruvian exiles "could not help but wish" to improve
relations with MIM (as if MIM was important) to struggle against
revisionism. That piece was put after MIM called the MPP for a
meeting in New England and proposed them the crazy idea that the
PCP would "consider MIM, the vanguard Party within the US
borders" in exchange for MIM's support.

MIM's request was clearly an illusion, it is not a matter of
"backing this group with prestige" or any other group,
revisionism has to be exposed and defeated; authentic
revolutionaries struggle against revisionism in every
country by applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. principally Maoism;
it means revolutionary struggle in theory and practice, and not a
matter of "wishing" to back up a group, or exclusive dependance
on any group for that matter. Much less in a meaningless and
embarrasing sect such as MIM.

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