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MIM alleges that the MPP sustains that "peace negotiations are always
bad." However, it is a MIM fabrication. It is bourgeois metaphysics
alien to the MPP. In reality, this was another way for MIM to promote
negotiations. To be consistent MIM would have written that "peace
negotiations are not always bad" because obviously this is what MIM
advocated. In essence, to consider "peace" in abstract is not a Marxist
position, thus, MlM's position became clear.

MIM is clearly at the service of the world counter-revolution. MIM
claimed: "It appears Comrade Gonzalo has indeed called on the
Peruvian Government for peace negotiations. There is nothing wrong
with that." (see MIM publication "Maoist Sojourner", January 1995,
pg. 2). MIM speaks the same words of the reactionaries, it openly
promotes "peace negotiation". This is MIM, a "maoist" organization, a
likely creature of Cointelpro seeking to jump into any "world
mobilization" or RIM to legitimize itself. This is not the CPUSA of
Gus Hall, this is not a Trotskyst party, this is not the Republican party,
this is MIM speaking. The "maoists" in MIM portray President
Gonzalo as a traitor capitulating, and claim "there is nothing wrong
with that"; some "maoists"! "maoists" working for the world
counter-revolution against President Gonzalo, the PCP, against the
People's War and the World Proletarian Revolution. "Maoist" that try
to sabotage the work of the MPP in this country, "Maoists" that seek to
split the Communist movement in support of the People's War.

In coordination with MlM's support for the world counter-revolution,
the RCP-USA distributes counterrevolutionary materials prepared by
the CIA against the People's War: the phony "peace letters" and the
infamous essay "Take up and fight for a new decision and new
definition: peace accord". This counterrevolutionary propaganda is
distributed together with RIM materials to create the false appearance
that such are "two lines inside the PCP" and that such are the "two
lines" among supporters of the People's War. The RCP-USA portrays
the Fujimori-CIA farce as "a line inside the PCP". This is simply a lie,
a crazy story, everybody knows that Fujimori is NOT a member of the
Communist Party of Peru (PCP). But this is exactly what the RCP-USA
and MIM are portraying (regardless of its suspension of support): and
what is truly sad (for those who have relations with MIM and the
RCP-USA) what is really disappointing is that MIM and the RCP-USA
take the side of the counter-revolutionaries, it distribute their sinister
propaganda, and it supports a group of mercenaries hired by the CIA
and Fujimori, and slander and sabotage the advancing work of the MPP
in the belly of the beast. MIM and the RCP-USA claim that Fujimori's
call for peace (the Fujimori line) presented through phony papers and
videos, is "a line inside the PCP" and, under this foolish excuse, both
support a group of revisionists that according to them have "historically
have supported the People's War". The coward leaders in MIM and
RCP-USA should remember that Kautsky, Bernstein, Lin-Piao and
Teng Xiao Ping also "historically" supported Marxism and the People's
War. But now we see where they ended up, as real revisionist, real

MIM and the RCP-USA have abandoned Marxism; these groups have
joined the world counter-revolution against the People's War. These
Yankee gangsters disguise themselves as "maoists", they shout "long
live maoism!", collect money, sell out our posters, publish "publication
by and for third world exiles", and when criticized they cry "you are
with the enemy", "you are a cop" but now it is clear that their "enemy"
is the proletariat, all sincere revolutionaries and all honest supporters of
the People's War. These Yankee double-dealers disguised as "maoists"
negate Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, they portray President Gonzalo as a
capitulator, reject his call from the cage to continue the armed struggle.
and, in practice, they suppress the truth: he is in prison, in isolation,
being manipulated under torture. The Yankee charlatans disguised as
"maoists" make propaganda for the reactionaries and attack all honest
supporters of the People's War, they even whisper to people "be
careful, stay away from them", and mumble "they are indians and
liars", "who knows IF it is the PCP", "we are investigating," "Quispe
is a cop." But their cover is useless now. they are being exposed and

Because of the concrete developments in the People's War, it becomes
clear that MIM and the RCP-USA betray the revolution in Peru. MIM
deceives the public, it creates complete misconstructions of renegades
and mercenaries "as supporters of the People's War (the so called right
wing opportunists); in addition, MIM presents those who do support the
armed struggle as "ultraleftists who "stab in the back the legacy of
Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and President Gonzalo, and that there is "nothing
wrong" with calling for "peace negotiation" of the People's War. In
conjunction, MIM and the RCP-USA promote "struggle for a peace
accord," distributes counterrevolutionary propaganda, and supports the
Fujimori line as being "inside the PCP, etc. The positions of MIM and
the RCPUSA are similar, both groups are revisionist, anti-Marxist, and
negate Maoism. Both serve imperialist interests. Consequently, it is
clear that both groups need new leaders, leadership transformation, they
need sincere Maoists to lead the masses of poor and oppressed peoples
towards their own emancipation, to wipe out imperialist capitalism and
revisionism, and sincerely support the People's War in every country.

Working people! Supporters! Comrades! consider concrete conditions
and the situation as a whole, and remember what our respected
President Mao Tsetung clearly expressed: "To fight is to survive, to
make peace is to perish."


May 1995.

Peru People's Movement (MPP).

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This article is dedicated to the men and women combatants struggling
in the reactionary concentration camps in Peru and around the world.
Their struggle is our inspiration. In Commeration of the Day of
Heroism. The New Flag.

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