Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Sat May 25 01:42:47 MDT 1996

>My dear Arch:  Are up on the latest techniques for exorcism?
>Maybe here we have one of those Hollywood horror movie dolls that everyone
>knows is just a "special effect" but nevertheless continues to elicit gasps
>of disgust from the movie goers every five minutes.
>One must always recognise real talent, wherever it comes from.  I propose an
>"Oscar" for the ventriloquist.  Pity he or she seems rather stage-shy (maybe
>FBI regulations prevent appearances to collect "awards").  In the mean time,
>could you please sprinkle a couple of buckets of holy water in that direction?

Don Adolfo,

I often enjoy your attacks on various dreadful ogres, even when many of
them turn out, on closer inspection, to be windmills. But a word to the
wise: this war between you and Quispe (and now MIM) is not helping any of
you, nor is it gaining support for the PCP. I stopped reading it long ago,
and I don't know which of you is an Avakianist or a CIA agent or a
Fujimorista or whatever, and in any case it has no wider significance. The
important thing for you is to try to publicize what the PCP is doing and
drum up support. Getting involved in this tedious, personalized, and
politically irrelevant controversy can only hurt your cause. I'm not asking
you to change your political views; just tell us more about Peru and less
about Quispe.

Gabriel (Rahul's getting his halo adjusted and I'm using his e-mail account
in the meantime)

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