Paul Gallagher pcg at panix.com
Sat May 25 06:37:11 MDT 1996

A question I have is, if the white First World workers are proletarian,
why do they not revolt, but instead often eagerly participate in
capitalist relations.  Do they not understand their individual and
collective self-interest (false consciousness), or are they acting
in their individual or collective self-interest, for the short-term
at least?  An example of how their collective short-term self-interest
might be served by capitalism is that if the exploitation of the Third
World and the poorest sections of their own nation's workers ended, or
if the world's resources were more equitably distributed, their living
standards would go down.  An example of how their individual and
collective self-interests might conflict, is that while if everyone
revolted, it would benefit everyone, if only a minority
tried to, they would suffer, or there would be little probability of


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