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Sat May 25 07:49:31 MDT 1996

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>I have recently obtained (or, rather, re-obtained; my library has a
tendency to be rather mobile at times)
>a copy of M Branko Lazitch's seminal work on the Comintern, Lenine et la
IIIe Internationale (1952).
>This 1952 edition contains a Preface by Raymond Aron.   I remember it
having especially good
>sections on the collapse of the Second International  and the "left turn"
of 1928.
>Does anyone know if there is an extant English edition?   My french is such
(now, anyway) that it should
>take me about a year to re-read it.
>And, Robert, thanks for the info on Letters from Inside the PCI.
Louis Godena

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