Clinton's Contract with America

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Leninist, social democrat, Stalinist, Trot--

For those of us (thankfully) too young for the ancient New Left age of
splinters, division and sectarian name-calling, let's get off the
simplistic name-calling as a mode of analysis.

People can have an opinion about third party politics versus working in
the Dems, but making support of candidates who never win, never hold
office, never are heard of by 99% of all voters a definition of a true
socialist just doesn't fly.  If you declare every leftist who has
supported (and even promoted the candidacy) of a Democrat for President in
the 20th century, you are excommunicating a hell of a lot of people from
the socialist church.

Clinton's not a socialist.  In past primaries, I voted for Jesse Jackson
and would enthusiastically support someone more radical, but if the real
choice is Clinton versus Dole, the choice isn't even close.  It's the
thrid party fundamentalists who delude themselves with ideology and ignore
the real consequences for the working class and oppressed groups if Dole
managed to take the Presidency.  Whether you like it or not, Clinton's
veto has been all that stood between our country and the repeal of large
chunks of the New Deal (from social welfare to labor law).


On Fri, 24 May 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:

> At 4:31 PM 5/24/96, Nathan Newman wrote:
> >Actually, I am getting to like Clinton, if only because it's fun watching
> >Newt and Dole getting outmaneuvered and shut down.  Clinton gets accused
> >of being a sellout but:
> [catalog of apologies omitted for reasons of gastrointestinal health]
> There is simply no end to the powers of self-delusion among social democrats.
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