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Sat May 25 11:45:07 MDT 1996

>On Sat, 25 May 1996, Charlotte S. Wellen wrote:
>> (clip)  Leftists should not spend so much time
>> reading leftist publications, which are often dogmatic and
>> devoid of facts.  What Marx did was read the words of those
>> high in the power structure and decode them.  He read the
>> speeches of parliamentarians, the minutes of the East India
>> Company, the reports on the labor costs and profits of large
>> corporations.
Upon which Louis jumped up from his pew, rolled his eyes and shouted:


But he *decoded* them, Louis. He interpreted them as corroboration and
illustration of the theoretical insights he'd attained using a
non-empiricist method. These facts and speeches were dead until he
presented them in the framework of his theory.



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