Why do they not revolt?

Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at vip.cybercity.dk
Sat May 25 09:53:12 MDT 1996

Paul Gallagher wrote:

> A question I have is, if the white First World workers are proletarian,
> why do they not revolt, but instead often eagerly participate in
> capitalist relations.

Actually sometimes they *do* revolt. And actually sometimes non-white
non-First World workers *do* revolt - most of the time they don't.

There was a longer debate on long term and short term self interest
some time ago, so I will not go into this - only say that the last
answer of yours is the closest you can get to a short explanation:

> An example of how their individual and collective self-interests
> might conflict, is that while if everyone revolted, it would
> benefit everyone, if only a minority tried to, they would suffer,
> or there would be little probability of success.

Workers usually revolt when they think they can gain from it.
And rightly so, I think.


Jorn Andersen


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