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      "It is ridiculous to turn personal questions into questions
      of state, or to disavow principles because you believe that
      are being treated unjustly. Those who think this way are
      centered on their own skins, putting their own merits ahead
      of the Party, not seeing the powerful actions of the masses
      but rather believe it to be their titanic individual
      labor."  President Gonzalo [Preparatory Session of the
      Second Plenum.]

Luis Godenas is one of 2 individuals in the large Support
Movement of the People's War in the U.S. that Don Adolfo was able
to convince and is manipulating against the MPPs, the PCP and the
Peruvian Revolution. Let's see why the former and disgruntled
distributor of the New Flag (NF) in Rhode Island (RI), is stabbing us
on the back. Let's analyze it.

On October 11, 1994, Lou Godenas contacted The NF complaining
that for more than 2 years, the RCP's International Emergence
Committee (IEC) has ripped him of thousands of dollars and that
he fully agrees with our criticism of the RCP in the article
"With these kind of friends, who needs enemies" [The New Flag,
Vol. 1, No. 2] He also expressed his total agreement with our
revolutionary positions. A letter sent by Godenas reads: "The
people around The New Flag, especially Comrade Quispe are the few
I have known in my life to be true revolutionaries. Like Lenin,
Comrade Quispe, is on the side of the working class. He is the
leader that I will report to in the support work of the People's
War. If the MPP sees my membership in the CPUSA as an impediment
to my work, I will resign.  After all, all I do in the CPUSA is
to pay my dues on time." We told him that Comrade Quispe has been
assigned to other tasks, and he cannot work with him, and that he
will report to another Comrade based on NY.

When our Comrades met Godenas, he was candid in admitting that he
was a former member of the Republican Party, and until recently,
a fund raiser for Jesse Jackson's Raimbow Coalition. In addition,
Godenas "claimed" to be a former candidate for Congress. Despite
his political background, we told him to practice self-criticism
for his gross mistakes in the past, and carry on his principled
work for communism and the Peruvian revolution with honesty and

Godenas procrastinated and offered a lot: "I will reach out
massively to the progressive forces in the United States and the
World, I will organize mass events nationwide." We told them that
only the masses can make this possible, and he would need a
Committee to carry out such a task. Godenas asked The New Flag
whether it can help him to organize the Support Committee in
Rhode Island. A few months later, we set up the first meeting
where after a small video presentation, 6 people were
incorporated as members of the Committee. A year later, we
offered to send Comrade H. to work full time in the Committee, so
he can educate him and the oter members in the science of Maoism.

Once Comrade H. began his work in RI, he reported: "Lou Godenas
is not really a `worker' nor a `union leader' but an exotic
individual, a parasite who utilizes his time drinking beer and
watching TV cartoons, instead of organizing the masses." He
responded to the criticism of our Comrade by stating that he
could not do any political work, because he was "baby sitting"
two children at home full time, and all he can do for the
People's War is to post his insights in the Marxist List. Thus,
Godenas's claim of being an important "union leader" was a hoax
to lure our interest and attention on him. We were so
disappointed that the RI Committee we helped to organize a year
ago evaporated and became a "ghost," and a one-man operation
hooked to the Internet while the children were asleep. He was not
able to convince even his own wife to the struggle.

Mao teaches us to save the patient and we gave him a chance with
constructive criticism to correct himself. We provided him with a
lot of Maoist materials on methods of organization (legal and
clandestine), mass line, philosophy of life, etc. but his "pride
of being union leader" and of being criticized by the toiling
masses left him permanently bruised and disgruntled. Like a jazz
fan, he seeks a new idol to adore and follow, Godenas was ready to
jump with anyone who would have giving him a chance to put his
"name" as a world political figure that he dreamed to be.

This opportunity arrived when Don Adolfo wrote to Godenas and to
another Comrade a letter ("Untitled.1 & 2") offering to put their
names as co-sponsors of his "World Mobilization Committee" if
they denounce and break with Quispe. Don Adolfo further stated:
"Please do not confuse this right opportunism (LOD) on the part
of Quispe, with any kind of LOD in Peru that may exist at any
point in the PCP...This is a problem of lumpen ideology and
behavior. We are talking here of the real source of Mr. Quispe's
allegations, Maximiliano Duran..." Here Olaechea instructed his
newly discovered puppy Godenas not to attack Luis' ideological
positions but to call him a lumpen, a cop. Don Adolfo continued:
"The exposure of Duran was done by the MPP in France (before the
desertion of its leaders), and when that MPP was in fact
`officially speaking for the PCP.'...We acted totally above board
with Quispe at all times and none of us have ever held a personal
grudge against him --WE DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM PERSONALLY- emphasis
added- we have the correspondence and records to prove all
this...It is true that Comrade Olaechea had harsh correspondence
with Quispe in the past, and on one occasion with Marcelina
EITHER-..." Here Don Adolfo, told his puppet Godenas that there
is no MPP representing the Party any longer (how about Arce's?)
He stated that the capitulators and traitors of Sol Peru Paris
(Don Adolfo's MPP France) were acting for the Party. And most
importantly, Don Adolfo reveals the truth: He does not know
Quispe nor Marcelina, therefore, his slander against them are
baseless and go down the toilet. The same thing happened with
"union leader" Godenas. He does not know Luis and he stupidly
believes that one of the Comrades whom he may have met is Quispe.
Godenas following instructions from Don Adolfo, even reveals his
supposed "real" name to the real cops monitoring the Internet.
Godenas stated that Don Adolfo told him who Quispe was. He says,
that the nickname "William" is Quispe! He is fooling himself.
However, Don Adolfo conradicts himself by stating above that he
does not know Quispe. Godenas' and Don Adolfo's filthy action of
identifying members of the MPP, is a futile attempt of snitches
that we repudiate strongly.

To reassure "his outmost loyalty" to Don Adolfo (not to Gus Hall
or Quispe), Godenas shamelessly adulates him. He compares Don
Adolfo de Olaechea to Lenin and Dimitrov, praise he never made
regarding that "rank amateur President Gonzalo." He suddenly
forgets his endless adulation to the MPP and Quispe, now Godenas
openly claims that the MPP is a bunch of FBI agents. Godenas
shows himself to be a callous ass kisser when he writes:

"Olaechea is one of the few people I known in my life who has a
talent for cutting through a load of nonsense and getting
immediately to the heart of an issue --and to come out
consistently, LIKE LENIN, on the side of the working class. He is
in my estimation, one of the greatest revolutionaries alive
today, and I think that, personal ideosyncracies aside, we are
extremely fortunate to have him in our midst. That's all I can
say on the matter of Mr. Olaechea."

Leaving aside Godenas' patronizing arrogance, he is hurt that we
are harsh with "his LENIN" Don Adolfo. He criticizes us for using
harsh language and personal statements against him, but he
overlooks the  gangster like behavior of Don Adolfo against us.
As a lackey in desperation, Godenas even lies to defend at all
costs, the wounded Don Adolfo. He writes: "Their campaign of lies
and death threats against Olaechea (who has literally given his the Revolution." How does Don Adolfo give his life to
the revolution? That's a slap in the face to the comrades here
who work tirelessly in support of the struggle. Many of them were
former combatants themselves, persecuted here ane there, wanted
for deportation, living in slums, and working at dead end jobs,
providing most of their meager salaries to print The New Flag and
other PCP materials, who seek no glory and who have made bigger
sacrifices than Don Adolfo.

Godenas even spread the lie that The New Flag is being
reorganized and most of the writers are leaving. He also accuses
us, w/o a shred of evidence, of being pro-CORIM, followers of
Avakian, cops and Roaches, for not following the lead of Don
Adolfo and Arce, whose definition of genuine "Maoists" is only
for those who follow their lead. For them, those who do not
support their WMC and Arce's Diario International are "impostors"
and "cops." Godenas alleges that Quispe travels freely to Europe,
Canada, and elsewhere, whereas his idol Don Adolfo is grounded.
Obviously he writes about something he doesn't know anything
about, he does not know the members of the MPP. He never met
Quispe. Godenas, like a Judas, speculates that a comrade who
tried to help him to grasp Maoism and change his revisionist
political views is the "Quispe" he should sell out.

The MPP follows the line of the PCP. The New Flag does not jump
on any WMC bandwagon (we are not MIM). We take into account the
development of the international communist movement as a whole,
our work is centered amongst the masses.

The practice of The New Flag is not perfect. Working with others
means to grasp and apply Mao's line On Contradiction the best we
could, it frequently requires a greater effort than working on
one's own. One runs the risk of hurt feelings and criticism.
That's what our "Union Leader" and former distributor could not
live up to.

The Editors.

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