The conflict without Peru

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Sun May 26 01:19:14 MDT 1996

		List members,

	The People's War in Peru has become a vast war of words outside Peru,
and on this list.  With all the energy being expended, one must begin to
question the cost versus benefit.  With the consternation, tired eyes, and
cramped fingers being caused one must wonder whether more direct action is
called for, if only for the sake of economy. The people of Peru are tortured
and shackled with cruel dictatorship.  Even the quite bourgeois
Spanish-language television station "Univision" shows footage of tear-gas,
water cannons and police dogs along with the latest Fujimori speech.  So, I
suggest that we take a personal accounting of what it would mean to have this
jabbering about the way forward replaced with hard news from the battle front
of the revolution.  Once you have made that calculation, I suggest
considering this.

	The Tech-9 9mm pistol sells, wholesale, for about 70 bucks.  The
thing is made largely of plastic, right here in the good old U.S. of A.  Why
not run down to your local gun dealer, and, after the waiting period or
Instacheck, get one of these honeys and send it on down to a random oppressed
Peruvian.  Leaving no return address on the package is very important to
avoid complicated interaction with the ATF (and we all know how unpleasant
that can be).

	You may ask:  "Are you saying that I should become a gun-runner?"
Not at all.  I'm merely suggesting that you, as censorship-loathing Net
citizens, invest in your Internet quality of life and change the Peruvian
question from  misspent words of acrimony to spent rounds of ammunition.
Stop spending time selecting the leader to put in their midst , and start
spending time selecting the gun to put in their hands.  Sure, the army has
tanks and helicopters and mortars, but this isn't about arms dealing, it's a
back-to-basics thing.  Stop worrying about whose Maoist motives are purest
and let the people decide who to shoot.   It's simply a question of more
bang for the buck.


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