Tasks of Revolutionaries today-#1

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Dear friends,

RE: Reply to Louis G.

louis g. makes the not unreasonable demand that I put forward suggestions
on the role of marxists today in the actual struggles of the class.
I will not issue any long tomes but just get down to basics.

The tasks facing marxists today  are quite difficult ones indeed.
WE are faced with domination of bourgeois ideology . This means a big
separation between the class and small revolutoinary groups.
The class is more fragmented and disorganized than at any time
 in this century. Capitalist rule and plunder is riding high , the rich
are waxing fat . The  bosses have learned THEIR class lessons off
 past combat. They use every trick to divide workers and maintain
their parasitical system. But they cannot solve the objective
contradictions of capitalist  production. The increasing barbaric acts of
 capital, of imperialism  and its states worldwide is still creating a material
basis for its eventual overthrow by a united class conscious mass
movments of the workers  who will be class conscious and disciplined
fighters for  workers rule--socialism.

Today, the basic task of revolutionaries is to carry out political work
inside the class in those  day to day struggles to raise the tempo
of actions , to where workers see the relvance of the communist programme.
In collective actions, the workers become aware of theri real strength , they
will rely on their own  spirited resistance, and self-sacrifice , rather than
on pie in the sky or other careerist  frauds.
Revolutionaries must deploy their forces inside these struggles arguing
the way forward is to organize mass assemblies of the class and extend
 each struggle against capital as far and wide as is possible.

Where we have garnered and won influence, we must take extra initiative
to propell matters forward. Victories in economic struggle in this period
can only be temporary. The class will learn that its emancipation requires
a POLITICAL struggle for power. communists must mercilessly expose
all capitalist groups and reform fakers outfits who seek to push back the
 class motions ,  struggles backwards  onto safe terrain for capital.

In these class battles , workers can never win any real power by  promoting
bourgeois elections, and it is a pipe dream to think workers could ever
get a majority in Congress. Marx, even in his days of ascendent capitalism
denounced the electorialist cretinism as "parliamentary idiotism" , meaning
those elements
who thought the ruling class would ever let socialism be legislated in.
Bourgeois elections are also the rancid figleaf  which hides the real
dictatorship of the rich over the vast majority of workers.
Real organs of  power in democratic capitalist societies lie outside
of Congress  in the state bureacracy,  the armed security services, and the
 ownersof the means of production.
In our epoch, Bourgeios federal and state  elections is no longer
even determining who  occupies the "executive committee of the
ruling class". Election charades are more important to the rich to
feed the deadly illusion that  dropping little pieces of paper in a box
provides some choice in capitalist society.
 For  Wage Workers , commodities under this system , the election booth
is just more chloroform attack used  to wipe out class awareness of their
collective interests , atomizing the class even more, debasing class
spirit and solidarity into meekly submitting  to choosing from different
  groups of  bribed con-men and hucksters.

End of part 1.

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