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>Subject: your critique (II)
>Dear Dan,
>                 Sorry for the interruption, but I had to run to Jamestown.
I think I'm getting the flu, also.  Damn change
>of weather.
>                  You assume that I speak of the New Flag controversy
without "any real idea of what people in the MPP
>feel about this debate or which statements are produced collectively."
Dan, this is precisely my point.  ALL the statements should have been
produced collectively, that is, thoroughly discussed with all those
concerned--including you and I.  I still don't know what the people in the
MPP-USA "feel" about this debate; they
>probably only know what "Quispe" chooses to tell them.  "Quispe" himself
pointedly ignored our criticisms, which we (at least I) began to make fully
>                  Naturally, I do not wish to cast aspersions on those
"comrades here who work tirelessly in support of the struggle", whether or
not they are "living in slums and working at dead end jobs."  In fact, it is
incumbent upon the friends and supporters of New Flag to help insure that
their sacrifices are not in vain, by doing everything in their power to see
that this enterprise is competently run.  I think, though, that their
situation is not strictly analogous to Oleachea's.  His goose is cooked if
he returns to Peru, no matter how you look at it; he is too visible, too
hated by the regime, too much a symbol of resistance to live in his native
country in peace.  Most of the Peruvians in New York, I imagine, are
economic refugees who, for one reason or another are obliged to call it
home, albeit temporarily.
>                    Dan, I leave it to your own good offices to decide
where "clandestinity" leaves off and the "cloak of anonymity" begins.
>                    I think you overstate your case when you speak of my
"bitter" or "bruised feelings."  I quarrel with
>those terms.  Disgusted, perhaps.  Maybe some anger at myself for not
speaking up sooner--back in December when "Quispe" began to exhibit some of
these tendencies, for example.   I will say that I have found this whole
>episode debillitating in the extreme.
>                     The one central fact remains, after all is said--and
I'm sure you have a lot more to say on the subject;
>"Quispe" broke discipline, and did so in a particularly egregious and
damaging fashion.  Question is; what are
>"we" going to do about it?

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