Dialectics and Maoist class struggle via national question

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun May 26 11:38:48 MDT 1996

At 1:49 AM 5/26/96, hariette spierings wrote:

>The expropiation without compensation (confiscation) will affect
>only the following sectors: Property of imperialist, comprador and
>bureaucratic capital, semi-feudal property and land monopoly (land for the
>tiller).  As to the national bourgeoisie full protection of their democratic
>rights and protection of their non-monopolistic interests is PCP policy.
>This is a crucial distinction in relation to revolutions like the Cuban
>revolution where the potencial of the national bourgeosie was not used to
>help develop the BASIS for socialist tranformation which is necessary
>precisely because of the backwardness of the country's economy.

So does that mean that the PCP would have the Peruvian national bourgeoisie
develop a kind of hothouse capitalism, to lay the basis for socialist
transformation? Would the national bourgeoisie play along? Would capitalism
work under such circumstances, or would it ossify without the bracing winds
of competition? How could a communist government accept the social
consequences of competition? Does the national bourgeoisie have the
technical, organizational, and financial resources to develop Peru?
Wouldn't the inward turn seal the country off from such essential



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