Rantings of Agent "Quispe" against Comrade Godena

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Sun May 26 12:30:06 MDT 1996

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>Yeah, I'm sure! Need to improve your forgery skills, "Quispe". FBI will have
>to send you for some remedial training. Louis isn't the type of person to
>foolishly compare you to Lenin twice in a paragraph. He isn't the type of
>adulatory, hero-worshipping servile slave, bowing to the great and mighty
>"Comrade Quispe" ("Comrade", what an awful mistake on all ofour parts ever
>to have said it to you! What a defamation of that great word of unity and
>solidarity!)"He is the leader that I will report to..." You try to portray
>Louis as some kind of rapturous "converted" to the "great leadership of
>Quispe". He doesn't even write like that!! And he doesn't think like that!

                               Interesting to see Charlotte coming to the
 of L.G.Are you going to slip into the same delusion?


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