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Subject: THE MPP AND CO-RIM (Part 3)

                        Part 3 of 3 articles.

The actions of Avakian's CORIM do not surprise us, specially if we
consider that in 1994 the RCP-USA, while it was remaining
"neutral" and in "silence", distributed the text "Asumir:
struggle for a new great decision & definition:peace accords" which
was clearly prepared by the capitulators in the jail of Yanamayo-
Puno on behalf of the CIA/SIN for Fujimori's regime (see The New
Flag Vol.2 No. 1, January/February 1995, "With this kind of
friends who needs enemies"). Whatever those in CORIM call
"documents from the ROL/LOD" are materials for psychological
operations prepared by the CIA to confuse revolutionaries and
their supporters worldwide.

Avakian's CORIM calls to "defence of our red flag..." and at the
same time, simultaneously, through parallel means, distributes a
"CORIM Circular No 2-10" (November 1995) in which CORIM
announces: "It is a most unpleasant duty to inform the parties
and organizations of our Movement that it appears that Margie
Clavo has abandoned her previously correct position and has been
won to support the call for a peace accord". Margie Clavo (c.
Nancy) is a person captured in early 1995 and paraded as "leader
of shining path". CORIM distorts reality in paper and conceals
the fact that every person captured as "terrorist" by Fujimori's
police is imprisoned without trial and immediately subject to
isolation and torture; leading cadres are in particular subject
to reverse-memory techniques and alterations of the brains
electro-chemistry (drugs, etc.) in order to reprogram behavior
patterns and manipulate their consciousness of existing reality,
in short: brain-washing (this is one way through which President
Gonzalo is being tortured, with the collaboration of disguised
actors, digital manipulation of images, falsified papers, etc.)
to serve the objectives of the Yankee strategy of low intensity
warfare in Peru. Nevertheless, Avakian's CORIM conceals the role
of Yankee imperialism in Peru and portrays M. Clavo as she simply
"abandoned" her previous position "and has been won to the call
for a peace accord". CORIM remains in appearances to manipulate

For CORIM the imperialist scam of "peace accord" is simply "the
call" and M. Clavo "has been won"; the Yankee revisionists make
it appear as if M. Clavo went on vacation to a tropical beach,
and on her return she simply "abandoned" her position and has
been "won" to "the call". President Gonzalo's situation is
distorted in the same manner. Fujimori --manipulating tortured
prisoners as figure heads-- announces "Gonzalo surrenders, he
wants peace", and CORIM declares: "this further strengthens
suppositions that chairman Gonzalo is indeed proposing the line
of seeking peace accord" (CORIM Circular 2-10, p.2). CORIM
employs Fujimori's lies to portray President Gonzalo as a traitor
and capitulator. Avakian believes everyone is of his condition.
People know the RCP-USA receives tax exemptions from the US
government; this is a privilege that the US government gives to
RCP-USA "Bookstores." MIM is also a subsadized entity of
uncertain origin. Certainly, Avakian can only be the leader of
the bourgeoisie infiltrated in CORIM to repeat Fujimori's lies.

The Yankee revisionists and their leader Avakian are experts in
deceiving people through false appearances, ambiguous double
talk, and plain lies; but their dirty tricks do not work anymore.
Their bourgeois distortions and revisionist deceptions are

The renegades in CORIM not only repeat Fujimori's lies, they go
even further, that is CORIM's Circular 2-10 (8 pages long) has
four (4)pages which "announce" imperialist psychological warfare
(e.g. "M. Clavo says that in the interest of the People the War
should End", "Nancy asks senderistas to abandon Feliciano and
Join Peace Process", and so on). In addition to distributing
"Nancy's call", CORIM publishes the full text of another "phone
call from President Gonzalo" (dated Sept. 2 , 1995), it goes as
follows: "chairman Gonzalo and comrade Miriam once again called
us on the phone... he dictated to us: struggle for peace
agreement and establish the basis for a 2nd congress". These and
other useless psychological manipulations, plain slanders, were
published in the government newspaper "La Republica" (September
18, 1995), this is the source of this ridiculous tale: one of
Fujimori s papers, full of lies, copied, reprinted and
distributed by CORIM in its Circular 2-10 of November 1995.

Let us get this clear, in AWTW 21 the CORIM calls to combat "ROL
and peace accord" and at the same time, simultaneously, through
parallel actions and "Circulars", it distributes the ROL
propaganda for peace accord (!) CORIM not only conceals
imperialist low intensity warfare but also, at the same time,
distributes Fujimori's counterrevolutionary propaganda for "peace
agreement" (!) In essence, and in practice, the CORIM
--manipulating bogus calls to study poisonous weeds from the
ROL-- distributes psychological warfare materials prepared by the
CIA/SIN "to end People's War in Peru". These actions certainly
expose that Avakian and his revisionist partners are the ROL, the
black clique, in CORIM; Avakian is the black head leading a black
clique in CORIM to serve Fujimori and his imperialist masters,
principally Yankee imperialism.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) has
clearly and correctly indicated:

"the letters Fujimori has presented, the so called phone call
abroad and the subsequent monstrosities are a
counter-revolutionary plot cooked up by Yankee imperialism and
the genocidal sellout national dictatorship in combination with
the evil action of a black clique..[a handful of capitulators] to
annihilate the People's War and, as part of this, to continue
their plan to murder President Gonzalo".

The above is even published in small print in AWTW 21 (p.22);
still, CORIM's parallel actions completely negate the PCP's
position; CORIM continues advertising, printing and distributing
the reactionary lies that the PCP and its supporters worldwide
have exposed and crushed.

The role of Avakian's CORIM is further clarified by the
following: the text of the "phone call" mentioned above (dated
Sept. 26, 1995) was translated and distributed worldwide in
November 1995 (a delay of three -3- months); on the other hand,
the "PCP Declaration of October 7, 1993" was finally published in
AWTW 21 (October 1995) that is TWO (2) YEARS after it was
transmitted by the PCP; during those two years, members of
Avakian's clique in the RCP-USA and CORIM constantly landered
such Declaration by repeating over and over "Who knows IF it is
the PCP" and, at the same time, sabotaged other supporters
efforts in the USA and Europe. It is clear that CORIM's actions
mislead, confuse, sabotage and slander the PCP, the People's War
and its supporters worldwide.

Objectively, and in practice, Avakian's black clique imposes a
R.O.L. in CORIM to collaborate with the Yankee strategy of low
intensity warfare against President Gonzalo, the PCP, the
People's War and the World Proletarian Revolution.

The clique of Yankee revisionists led by R. Avakian and
infiltrated in CORIM, and the tiny sect MIM, are true followers
of Kautsky, Trotsky and Lin Piao; they speak nice things to your
face to stab you in the back; MIM has learned to traffick with
our struggle and even blackmail us "MIM suspends support to the
PCP." Both Avakian and MIM are beyond remedy, the first embarrass
and distort our positions, the second is corrupting RIM for too
long, the only option left is to knock them down!

Peru People's Movement (MPP.) April 1996.

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