PCP: Revisionism is a Cancer

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                  PCP ON REVISIONISM

EL DIARIO-LIMA, PERU: Do you think that the influence of
revisionism among the Peruvian masses creates an adverse
situation for the revolution?

PRESIDENT GONZALO: If we keep in mind what Lenin taught us and
what Chairman Mao in turn emphasized and continued to develop, we
see that revisionism is an agent of the bourgeoisie in the ranks
of the proletariat, and so it provokes splits. It divides the
communist movement and Communist Parties, it divides the trade
union movement, and it breaks up and divides the people's

Revisionism obviously is a cancer, a cancer that has to be
ruthlessly eliminated. Otherwise we won't be able to advance the
revolution. Remembering what Lenin said, in a concise way, we
must forge ahead on two questions, the question of revolutionary
violence, and the relentless struggle against opportunism,
against revisionism.

I believe that in our country, in considering the situation of
the masses, we must see not only this question, but what Engels
called the "colossal pile of rubbish." He taught us that when a
movement lasts for decades, like the movement of the proletariat,
and even more so the movement of the people, in our country, a
great deal of rubbish piles up that needs to be swept away bit by
bit. Our view is that this is something that has to be considered
as well.

How much can it influence the masses? Among the masses, what
revisionism does is serve the cause of capitulation to internal
reaction, concretely to the big bourgeoisie and the landlords, to
the landlord-bureaucrat capitalist dictatorship which is the
Peruvian State of today. Internationally, it capitulates to
imperialism and serves social-imperialist hegemony or the desires
for the same among certain powers evolving in that direction,
like China. We believe that as the revolution and the people's
war develop, as the class struggle sharpens, the people and the
proletariat heighten their understanding more and more. And at
the same time, as they are forced to witness the betrayal of the
revisionists and opportunists of all kinds on a daily basis, and
as they see even more of this in the future, the proletariat and
the people will have to carry out their mission of sweeping the
revisionists out of all the corners as best they can.
Unfortunately, as Engels has taught us, they can't be
eliminated all at once, as they are part of the "colossal pile of

EL DIARIO: Do you believe that revisionism is being decisively
defeated in this country?

PRESIDENT GONZALO: To reiterate what the founders of Marxism have
taught, to the extent that revisionism acts in concert with the
reactionary State, the masses will come to understand its
despicable role. As they see its actions, to the extent the
people as a whole and the class see how they act, it's inevitable
that they will more and more come to understand the pernicious
role of the revisionists, as traffickers, sellouts of the
workers, opportunists and traitors. The revisionists are heading
for their demise and have been for some time now, not only
because of the people's war, but rather this process began when
revisionism was expelled from the ranks of the Party, because at
that point another batch of serious communists began to come
forward, and later became those who today, under the guidance of
the Communist Party of Peru, are leading the people's war. And we
think that the masses, with the class instincts of which
Maria'tegui spoke, will increasingly come to understand this, as
they have already begun to do.

Revisionism has already lost out, it's only a matter of time. The
problem is already defined, the rubbish has begun to be swept
away, burned away; as I said, it's only a matter of time. The
process of their demise began years ago. And if we go back
further, to the beginnings, the ball game was lost when they
became revisionists, when they abandoned their principles--at
that point. What remained to be seen was how the class struggle
would develop, and how a Party like ours would be capable of
carrying out its role, and how the masses would sustain it,
support it and carry it forward, how they would come to see that
it is their Party, that it defends their interests. And it is the
masses themselves who will settle accounts, giving a just
punishment to those who for decades have sold out and
who continue to sell out the proletariat's basic interests, and
they will also condemn and sanction those traitors who try to do
so or begin to do so.
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