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>LUIS ARCE BORJA (EL DIARIO): What role is revisionism playing, and how
>does the PCP struggle against it?
>CHAIRMAN GONZALO: First, we should remember that every advance
>of Marxism has been made amidst fierce struggle. And in this
>process of development of Marxism, old-style revisionism emerged
>and met its downfall in World War I. But since then, we
>communists have confronted a new revisionism, modern revisionism,
>that began to develop with Khrushchev and his lackeys, and which
>is now unleashing a new offensive against Marxism. Its principal
>centers are the Soviet Union and China.
>Revisionism arose as a complete negation of Marxism. Modern
>revisionism, likewise, is always aiming to substitute bourgeois
>philosophy for Marxist philosophy, going against political
>economy, particularly denying the growing impoverishment and the
>inevitability of the downfall of imperialism. Revisionism strives
>to falsify and twist scientific socialism in order to oppose the
>class struggle and revolution, peddling parliamentary cretinism
>and pacifism. All these positions have been expounded by the
>revisionists, who have aimed for and continue to aim for the
>restoration of capitalism, the undermining and blocking of the
>world revolution, and to denigrate the conquering spirit of our
>class. But here I feel it is necessary to spell out some points
>to make this concrete: revisionism behaves like any imperialism.
>For example, the Soviet Union [Trans. Written in 1988], Soviet
>social-imperialism, preaches and practices parliamentary
>It mounts and conducts armed actions for the purpose of gaining
>world hegemony. It carries out aggression, pits one people
>against another, sets masses against masses, and divides our
>class and the people. In a thousand and one ways Soviet
>revisionism fights against everything that is truly Marxist and
>everything that serves the revolution. We are an example of how
>they do this. The social-imperialists of the USSR have developed
>a perverse worldwide plan to become a hegemonic superpower using
>all the means at their disposal. This includes setting up phony
>parties, communist in name only, "bourgeois workers parties" to
>use Engels' words. And this is how Chinese revisionism and all
>revisionists act, differing only with regard to their particular
>circumstances, according to who pulls their strings.
>Therefore, for us, the task is to fight revisionism and fight it
>relentlessly. We must keep in mind the lesson that we can't fight
>imperialism without combating revisionism. And our Congress has
>declared that we must wage a relentless and uncompromising
>struggle against imperialism, revisionism and reaction worldwide.
>How should we carry out this struggle? In all spheres: the
>ideological, the economic, and the political--we must fight them
>in each one of these classic spheres. For if we should fail to
>carry out the struggle against revisionism, we wouldn't be
>communists. A communist has the obligation to combat revisionism,
>untiringly, and implacably.
>And we have fought against revisionism. We've fought against it
>since it first came on the scene. We were fortunate in this
>country to have been able to contribute by expelling them from
>the Party in 1964, a fact they always try to hide. I want to make
>it very clear that the vast majority of the Communist Party
>united behind the banner of struggle against revisionism which
>Mao Tsetung had unfurled, and they took aim at and struck blows
>against revisionism in the ranks of the Communist Party of that
>time until they expelled Del Prado and his gang [Trans. PCP-
>Unidad]. From that time up to the present we've continued
>fighting revisionism, not only here, but beyond our borders
>as well. We oppose it internationally, we oppose the Soviet
>social-imperialism of Gorbachev, the Chinese revisionism of the
>perverse Deng Xiaoping the Albanian revisionism of Ramiz Alia,
>follower of the revisionist Hoxha, just as we oppose all
>revisionists, whether they follow the line of the
>social-imperialists, the Chinese or Albanian revisionists, or
>anyone else.

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