Breaking Cuba blockade takes forward step

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>**Breaking Cuba blockade takes forward step**
>(Reprinted from the May 25, 1996 issue of the People's
>Weekly World. May be reprinted or reposted with PWW credit.
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>By Julia Lutsky
>Announcing the release of Canadian computers by the U.S.
>Treasury Department, the Rev. Lucius Walker and two other
>Cuba solidarity activists pledged to continue their "Fast
>for Life" until the remaining U.S. computers are released.
>Both the Canadian and U.S. computers were being sent to
>religious organizations in Cuba that are helping to set up a
>medical information network when they were seized by the
>U.S. Treasury Department on Jan. 31 at the Mexican border.
>The release of the 23 Canadian computers, part of the 395
>detained by the U.S. Treasury, was a partial but stunning
>victory for Pastors for Peace and the movement against the
>blockade of Cuba. The computers were released to the United
>Methodist Church on Friday, May 17, and were immediately
>shipped across the border into Mexico. They are now on their
>way to Cuba.
>The White House, Treasury Department and State Department
>came under tremendous pressure to release the computers as
>the Pastors for Peace hunger strike stretched into its 90th
>day. Rev Walker, Lisa Valenti of Pittsburgh, and Jim
>Clifford, a former Air Force Chaplain from Louisville, Ky.
>have been on a liquid-only diet of water laced with
>molasses. They remain strong and are continuing their fast.
>Brian Rohatyn, the Canadian member of the group, broke his
>fast when he was informed the computers were safely out of
>reach of the U.S. government.
>The fasters generated a torrent of angry and concerned
>messages to the Clinton Administration demanding release of
>the computers. Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) circulated a
>letter to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin signed by 70
>Congresspeople urging negotiations to resolve the crisis.
>Over a dozen major national church organizations spoke out
>in support of the fasters.
>The Rev. Walker said at a recent press conference, "I
>believe our cause is just and winnable. The seeds for a new
>mainstream coalition to end the blockade of Cuba have been
>planted." Congressman Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) spoke at the
>same press conference with Congressmembers Sam Farr (D-
>Calif.), Esteban Torres (D-Calif.), William Coyne (D-Pa.)
>and representatives of Ron Dellums (D-Calif.) and Bobby Rush
>(D-Ill.). Said Rangel, "Our government should not be in the
>business of denying humanitarian aid to sick people."
>Pastors for Peace urges calls be made to keep up the
>pressure: Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (202) 622-1100;
>White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta (202) 436-6797;
>Congressional Switchboard (202) 223-3121; Democratic
>National Committee (202) 863-8000.
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