U.S. forging menacing new alliance in Mid-East

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>Subject: U.S. forging menacing new alliance in Mid-East
>**U.S. forging menacing new alliance in Mid-East**
>(Reprinted from the May 25, 1996 issue of the People's
>Weekly World. May be reprinted or reposted with PWW credit.
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>By William Pomeroy
>LONDON - One of the most ominous aspects of the ruthless
>Israeli decision to unleash a firestorm of death and
>destruction on southern Lebanon is the coinciding step to
>expand Israel's capacity for imposing its strategic aims on
>far wider regions of the Middle East. Early in April a
>military agreement between Israel and Turkey was announced,
>with disturbing implications.
>The core of the agreement gives Israel access to and use of
>Turkish air bases. Exchange of air force training and other
>coordinations are included but the main intention from the
>Israeli standpoint is the extended strike range for its
>military power.
>Within two weeks of the agreement, the head of the Israeli
>Government Press Office, Uri Dromi, gave a belligerent
>interview predicting that the next target would be Iran and
>its nuclear capability. Said Dromi: "It is accepted that an
>international coalition will eventually have to trim Iran's
>nuclear ambitions and its capability to disrupt peace and
>stability in the region. What is happening now against
>Hezbollah is merely a sideshow in the main action which will
>have to come."
>There have been reports that behind-the-scenes U.S.-Israeli
>talks took place during the U.S.-devised anti-terrorism
>summit at Sharm el Sheikh on the means of striking at
>Iranian nuclear plants as well as at alleged protegees of
>Iran like Hezbollah.
>An outright U.S.-Israeli defense pact, which has been
>cautiously avoided by the U.S. up to now, would have wide
>repercussions in the Islamic world. It could provide U.S.
>imperialism with a greater wedge of intervention in the
>region than ever.
>A U.S.-Turkey-Israel alliance is a formidable factor in the
>Middle East. An adjunct to it is Jordan, which has agreed to
>U.S. aircraft stationed on its territory and which has a
>form of peace treaty with Israel. This set-up virtually
>surrounds Syria, Israel's only effective bordering opponent.
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