Rolf Martens & MIM

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Sun May 26 21:00:54 MDT 1996

Rolf Martens is not only eccentric, but confused.
One third of his last post on us attributes a quote to QUISPE
that was actually from MIM. We at MIM were the ones talking
about how the enemy learns to hide its colors. The quote
applies perfectly to Quispe.

Other than that, R. Martens, we have read your Hua Guofengist trash,
and we are aware that you were chosen by the RCP to be in the IEC.
This made us very suspicious of your whole camp that we are now in.
The turning point for us was learning that Luis Arce Borja does
not endorse "MPP-USA" despite what it said in a recent El Diario I.
At that point it became purely a struggle against cops, whatever
disagreements we might have. CP-USA, Hua Guofengists, Maoists--
we are all being used by cops.

What you have said about MIM--all I can say is that you got
your information from Quispe. I hope one thing everyone learns
>from this struggle against Quispe is to go to the source and never
believe things passed second and third hand. That's how cops
win with their repeated lies and disinformation.

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