Quispe's phony anti-CPUSA pose

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Sun May 26 23:48:59 MDT 1996

I have already referred to a public meeting with the Peru Solidarity
Committee and MIM in August, 1994 at which "MPP-USA" spoke and said the
letters were from Gonzalo and real. This was just by way of saying MIM took
the same line as "MPP-USA" on this question briefly in the one quote from MIM
that the Australian comrade pointed to when MIM said Gonzalo apparently did
start peace negotiations, but it was OK as a lie to the enemy and we had to
be smart enough to see it was a lie and continue the armed struggle. Contrary
to the lie by the Australian comrade duped by Quispe, MIM's literature never
said "capitulate" (and if you re-read the Australian comrade's message you
can see that he charged us with someting different than what he was trying to
prove) and it remains true that the Australian comrade still hasn't proved
that point, because it is impossible to prove from MIM lit. which always
supported the armed struggle. Now it turns out that the PCP-CC may not like
this line on the letters-being-real-continue-armed-struggle-anyway and
instead believes the peace letters are totally fake. MIM is happy to
follow that line.

With regard to another public meeting, it gives the lie to
Quispe's latest posture. In "Re: Rantings of Godena's Doll,"
which would be message 296 by gopher in the "current" folder,
Quispe poses as a Maoist: "Get out from here fake. . .
We never had in its ranks callous revisionist from the CPUSA."

In 1994, MIM wished that was true, but reality makes the struggle
in the El D. I of March, 1993 look like cake. Quispe was up to his ears
in revisionism. In fact, through influence on the Peru Solidarity
Committee New England and through Quispe's own efforts on the INTERNET,
Quispe forced MIM to be listed on publicity for an event--
along with the CPUSA Rhode Island, and gulp, the Committees of
Correspondence, not to mention the RCP. People who know MIM even
>from just the "Marxism List" know this galled MIM.

We made it clear to Quispe that we didn't want that to happen
again, and he feigned concern. On November 3, 1994 we were still
struggling over that and the fact that he didn't like our posture that
the PCP majority supported continuing the People's War; even though,
even by that time, Quispe was backing off from his previous
firebrand if shallow critique of the RCP, which had yet to
do anything close to what MIM had done on the subject.

Again, at the time, we thought this person, maybe he was just
a confused "popular front" type of opportunist and we criticized
him indirectly in our papers. At this time, this information
is not important with regard to the political fight against
revisionism, but it's important now because Quispe is lying
about his approach to revisionism. It's true the PCP would
say something like Quispe's message 296, but it just so
happens it's not true of Quispe or representative behavior.
The reason is that this cop sought to use the prestige of
the Peruvian revolution to gather information on any and
every organization (CoC, CPUSA, PLP, SWP, WW, MIM, RCP etc.)
and then use that information to set these groups against each
other, with the special goal of dividing the Peruvians themselves.

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