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Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Mon May 27 09:21:15 MDT 1996

    When you actually have something of interest to say, as you do here,
why not knock off the badly done faking of illiteracy and say it?
[Anyone who has read any really "illiterate" prose can recognize yours
as a fake after reading about 3 sentences.]

> mimi here. ive bin observin. last week i got a job
> for a catering company. took me inside a virtuwal factory for a cpl of days.
> now  its like 2 different workforces in the vacume behind the security wall.
> about 250 peeple making video games. #1  workforce is production.
> iz the boys who get a cut of the profits. the self-managing *profit-slaves*.
> maybe 150? of them up & coming.  identification w/ the company is
> total!
> #2 workforce wuz made up of practically everyone else:  secrtary &  librarian
> & vacume cleaner. seemed  like 90% women. wage slaves managed on a short term
> contract basis. they have the option to  buy in but cant afford 2. scarred of
> becoming roadkill on the information  superhi way the day after tomorrow.
> so lbo i wanna know iz this the genderscape in the computer
> industry or did i see an anomaly? ciao 4 now, mimi
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