WMC: 2-tiered order OK - I did misunderstand!

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon May 27 11:28:14 MDT 1996

WMC: 2-tiered order OK - I did misunderstand! [Posted: 27.05.96]

In a posting yesterday I objected to what to me seemed a
contradiction in a 21.05 posting by comrade Adolfo on the WMC,
namely, his stating that there would be a conference for supporting
the people's war in Peru, a conference uniting also people who
don't necessarily support Marxism. I thought this was in contradiction
to point 4 on the tasks of the WMC, that on its defending the ideology
of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong.

But comrade Adolfo's reply today to this posting convinces me that
I misunderstood what he meant. He was only referring to what in
point 6 on the tasks is mentioned as *one* of them, namely, the
convening of such a united-front conference, *among other things.*
The Commission itself would also have the task of supporting
Marxism, he confirms.

Thus, everything *is* OK with the WMC, as far as I'm concerned.

My objection falls. It was founded on the erroneous impression I got
>from that 21.05 reply to the "MIM", that the convening of that
conference would be the WMC's only or main task. I had forgotten
the point 6, where it's clearly stated as *one* task.

I apologize to comrade Adolfo Olaechea and the other comrades
for suspecting them of shilly-shallying on such organisatorical
matters, on such grounds, and for risking to create, perhaps, a quite
unnecessary uncertainty concerning the WMC! My own fault entirely.

As for my proposed celebrating of the victory over the "Quispe" entity,
a less serious matter, I don't object in the least if others would
rather wait with that campagne, because of there being more questions
to solve before they can relax. I on my part certainly haven't
harboured any illusions on that account and in my "celebration" post
did point to the fact that the "Qu/Cco" entity wasn't beaten
completely yet. Anyway, quite a number of other postings today in
which the "Qu/Cco" gets a quite severe beating seem to me to confirm
that my own mouthful of Coke and Renat (local product) to the basic
victory over it wasn't premature.

Debates on the role of (the Avakianist "heroes") the Gang of Four,
on the general situation in the world, on the "green" warfare by the
reactionaries, IMO are very necessary. I quite understand that time
may be required for them to be developed properly. But I stil
maintain: If the comrades don't get a basically correct understanding
of these questions they'll inevitably fail.

Rolf M.

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