Arthur Coia & the Laborers

Jim McGough jim59 at
Mon May 27 18:02:06 MDT 1996

Thanks Brother Louis:
  I have the copies from the providence bulletin journal and a
host of other articles about how corrupt Coia is. I am in the
process of getting the indictment which i will scan into ascii
text and put in a web page. I am also getting court documents from
New york and Florida. i have those from Illinois. I will have
to upgrade from my 286 with Dos to windows 95 on a pentium.
I hope to find out from across the country how many supporters
we might have. I would like to put together a slate of honest men
and women that reflect the enthic background of our membership.Blacks
and latinos would get fair representation.

  What i need are volunteers across the country to print out campaign
literature at their library if they don't have the right software or
hardware to publish things and to post that info on bulletin boards
at laborer unions. As soon as I have a campaign plan, i will let
you know. send me some personal info, name and address, phone number,
union affiliation.etc
 first i have to get a slate together. Cris white will run for president.

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