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I should be really addressing this question to our respected Archangel
Rahul, since his Crozier, silver wings and cassock must now be totally
drenched with "Chuckie's" most recent "production".  Our good Arch, having
interposed his saintly offices to obtain a break in these regrettable but
necessary proceedings does not really deserved to be "pissed all over" in
this manner.

Also Louis Proyect, from another perspective, has suggested to put an end to
this apparently useless exercise pointing out, correctly, that no one with
any degree of credibility in this list can take "Chuckie" seriously any
more.  Louis considers that there is more importance in developing certain
themes that actually explain the Programme of the PCP.  I agree that this
last is important, and we can carry on with that too.

However the question of "Chuckie" gets more and more interesting by the
minute. The key is to pay attention to this issue.  There is more here than
meets the eye, and we are already approaching the point in which we will be
in a position to unearth this whole conspiracy and putting two and two
together get to work out the details - and the forces behind - a reactionary
pro-imperialist plot of Macchiavellian dimensions.

At the end of this messy, but necessary operation, we will be in a position
to unmask convincingly the true role of Co-Rim in the "peace agreement plot"
of Fujimori AS WELL AS the ramifications of this attempt to use
psychological warfare, infiltration, organization of Zubatov (police
controlled "workers organisations"), blackmail, etc. on the part of a
clicque of international dimentions who are serving US imperialism, spying
on the democratic, socialist and revolutionary movement and even reactionary
violence, to destroy the growing international solidarity movement with the
Peruvian revolution and to free the hands of the Fujimori regime in his
attempts to continue to foster capitulation and sow confussion among the
Peruvian revolutionaries.

However, that is still in the future - a promise is a promise - therefore
the question is what has provoked this new bout of the "black chucks" on the
part of FBI Sargent "Quispe/Ccorimanya"?

It is the publication in English of the interview granted to the
correspondent of the Italian magazine "Cono Sur" which was first published
in Spanish in the Usenet Newsgroups a couple of months ago. That is what has
got "Chuckie" going again.  Why?

Because that Interview proves that "Chuckie Quispe" was already betraying El
Diario and Sol Peru even then when he was still going all queasy over how
much he stood together with the real defenders of the people's war in Peru.

"Chuckie" admits having received this interview and refusing to translate
it. Why?  Because in that interview the role and connections of Co-Rim and
the Magazine Sol-Rojo (produced with Avakian money by the bogus "Malmo MPP")
was revealed.  That part has not yet been published, but when we do, people
will easily see what really got up "Sargent Chuckie's" gullet this time, and
how deceitful he was already back then by covering up this document from his
own band of dwindling supporters (should we say, mostly former supporters?).

Now "Chuckie" says:  False Interview!  However, he admits we sent it to him
normally like every document two months and more ago! Again he uses his
"workerist" allegation that giving this interview amounts to
"self-promotion".  However, the Italian journalist travelled to London to
make the Interview and it was granted in good faith and we never solicited
it from her.  So what can be "false" about this interview?  In which way
does it amount to "self-promotion?

No. What really "hurts" Sargent Chuckie is that now his claim to be ignorant
about the actions of the bogus "MPP" in Malmo in serving Avakian will not be
tenable even for the most mesmerised "followers" of the Charles Manson of

Therefore, with our excuses to our respeted Arch, we shall carry on with
publishing the rest of this interview, take care of the bogus "communist"
>from Australia when he speaks for himself, and then finish off "Sargent
Chuckie" by revealing the WHOLE TRUTH about the Fujimori plot of "peace
agreement" and the role of Co-Rim, the bogus "MPPs" and "Chuckie's real
sponsors" on this abyect piece of cunter-revolutionary chicanery.

Adolfo Olaechea

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