puppets & hermaphrodites

Michael Luftmensch MLuftmensch at hubcap.mlnet.com
Mon May 27 22:35:48 MDT 1996

puppets & hermaphrodites

Louis Godena, you told Mimi to organize, organize, organize.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. But how are we to organize
so that we are not manipulated by puppets?

Should we organize around:
solidarity with the peruvian people
or with the PCP.

We discussed this earlier and disagreed.
Perhaps now, we both think differently.
The zodiac exchange, in both abbreviated
and extended form, made Olaechea appear
media savvy simply because he is willing to
exploit opportunities provided by the capitalist press.

But what message has he gotten acrosss?

Jon from the united states wrote about the
missed opportunity of Fujimori's visit to the
country. I suspect the opportunity was lost in part
because of Lori Berrensons political affiliations.

Which brings us back to the sources we discussed
a few months ago.

In order to learn anything about Peru I had to turn
to sources like Amnesty, journalists like Simon
Strong, and magazines like the Monthly Review -
so zealously denounced by lquispe. his new flag
waving obscured a great deal and revealed little save
to monitors.

Rather than take advantage of the knowledge of
Proyect, Dondero and other activists on the marxism
list who know a great deal about the internet and
international solidarity, lquispe waved the new flag.

We have seen that  the PCP cannot operate beyond the
borders of Peru.

Olaechea  can be a valuable source on the revolution,
but often he isn't. We have seen both the strengths and
weaknesses of organizing solidarity over the internet.
We must use the conclusions we draw to go forward.
We cannot confine ourselves to the borders of Peru.

Although Peru is on the Pacific rim, we never hear
mention of it. About Co-Rim, I know too much.

In the meantime, the struggle continues.

Michael Luftmensch

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