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Michael, on Tuesday, May 27th, you posed a number of questions related to

>you told Mimi to organize, organize, are we to organize so
that we
>are not manipulated by puppets?

Organizing, on behalf of unions, oppressed groups and classes, issues,
internationalism, etc.
always involves the risk of being manipulated by those with hidden agendas;
is an extreme case, but it is something that happens all the time.   Ennui,
disillusion and cynicism, not to mention physical danger, are also present.
They are
the nature of  what we do.    Most of us have principles, however weakly
held, and, I
suppose, it is largely these that serve as a guide to action, often
irrespective of the
motivations of individual leaders.

>Should we organize around: solidarity with the Peruvian people or with the PCP?

The Partido Comunista de Peru is, in this revolution, the voice of the
Peruvian people.
I have always believed this, and have acted accordingly.   When it became
clear to
me that the New Flag, as it was then constituted, was not facilitating
support for the
PCP--indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that the opposite was the
case--it was
time to speak out.   It is better to have erred, speak out in criticism of
one's self, and then
go on, then to merely bide one's time and hope, eventually, that the whole
thing will
"blow over."    Now that the poisonous weed "Quispe" is getting his due, the
(greatly strengthened in my view from this process of shedding this
opportunist) can
go on and continue its work in organizing support for the Peruvian revolution.

>...[W]hat message has Oleachea gotten across?

Adolfo Oleachea, in my view, has been, with Luis Arce Borja, have been by
far the most
trusted and effective supporters of the People's War outside of Peru.
Even their de-
tractors (I am speaking here of honest observers without an axe of their own
to grind)
concede the basic integrity and forthrightness of these two individuals.
Oleachea and
Luis Arce are a veritable font of knowledge not only on the people's war in
Peru but on
revolutionary marxism in general.    I am much impressed, I need hardly say,
by their fortitude
and courage.    They are an example of what open solidarity work should look
like.   And they
have paid, and are paying a dear price for their convictions.   This
distinguishes them further from the
gang around "Quispe" and the Co-RIM.

>We have seen that the PCP cannot operate beyond the borders of Peru.

We are just beginning to  witness the effects of the Peruvian revolution in
Brasil, Bolivia, and
elsewhere in Latin America.    Its ramifications will be felt worldwide,
are, in fact, are beginning
to be felt, especially, in Europe and South Asia.    This is partly why
Fujimori and his surrogates
in RIM and the New Flag are stepping up their activities to split and
destroy the growing
solidarity movement in America and elsewhere.

But the larger issue is always making revolution in our own country.    It
is axiomatic to say,
as the PCP has always said, that if you want to help revolution in Peru,
make revolution in
your own country.   This, and little else, will be the test of our own
committment as Marxists,
regardless of the purity or good intentions of our efforts elsewhere.
This, as you imply,
involves the actions of knowledgeable, as well as determined and committed,
There have been a number of people on this list alone--I am one--who have
posted titles and
authors (many of them indifferent or even hostile to the Peruvian
revolution) that serve as a
good first introduction to that conflict.   El Diario International,
hopefully, will soon become
widely available in English.    And then there are the publications of
Comite Sol Peru, London
and Brussels as well as those of Peru Support Committees in the US that, in
my estimation,
are providing invaluable guides to struggle.

>....the struggle continues.


                                                 Louis Godena

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