Cuba, a Victim of Revisionism.

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We must remember that Cuba began by transferring its dependency
>from the Yankees to the Soviet revisionists, a simple exchange of
boogers for spit in order to, finally, today, be left totally
without a floor, floating on nothing, awaiting its final day to
the wishes of Yankee and European imperialists.

We should say that Fidel Castro turned out to be a creature of
Nikita Khrushchev in whose revisionist theories he was rocked and
weaned without the Cuban leader ever causing corrections, despite
the humiliation and rejections suffered as a consequence of the
schemes which the hierarch of Russian-Soviet social imperialism
carried out behind his back, with those of Yankee imperialism,
each one preserving its own interests.

In reality, Castro has gone from bourgeois democrat to a
progressive nationalist, but never a Marxist, even though he has
always screamed lies to his people and the world, but as a
Marxist he doesn't even have one strand of hair.

He assumed Marxism later as an opportunistic alternative when the
State Department of the United States turned its back on him.  It
was then, that Castro and his troupe embraced the revised Marxism
of the XX Congress of the Soviet Communist Party.

Due to his actions of armed struggle developed in those early
times, Fidel Castro was prevented from learning about those
doctrinaire deeds, and due to the orphaned state he found himself
in, once the guerrilla victory was culminated, he had no option
other than placing himself under the squalid umbrella of
Khrushchev the bandit, disciple of Bernstein and Kautsky.

But what can never be accepted from him is that his own
"focoism," added to that of Che Guevara, had him so clouded and
befuddled, to the extreme of receiving, ingesting and assuming a
"Marxism" in a closed bundle, coming from the XX Congress of the
CPSU.  That ingestion distorted his understanding, to the point
of not being able to notice the true revolutionary proletarian
line, thanks to which China had at the time already raised itself
to the category of the Great People's Republic.

The cretinous revisionism of Khrushchev, assimilated by Castro,
was determinant so that in Cuba, the proletariat would be almost
castrated politically, without possibilities (until now) of
taking power, with the goal of exercising its dictatorship and
implanting a true socialism on the island, impelling a
proletarian cultural revolution which should reach the same
spirit of people, representing a flaming era in the development
of the socialist revolution in Cuba.

The reactionaries, apparently defeated in that country, continue
there, always trying to support themselves on dead ideas, of
activating the habits, the culture and customs of the exploiting
classes, trying with that to corrupt the people, capturing the
popular mind to restore bourgeois power. More even so now with
the new pro market laws.

It is clear that a cultural revolution would have been met with
resistance and rejection, but, don't forget that resistance and
rejection come from the recalcitrant reactionary sectors opposed
to change, sectors which use the old force of custom, which is
latent in the collective to oppose it to the revolutionary

We know and understand these conditions, the situations and
circumstances which the Cuban process has had to go through in
order to survive.  But the merit lies not only in surviving, but,
in being able to develop itself to march towards Communism and
not maintain the country in a vegetative state towards "whatever
god wills."

For the moment, Fidel Castro already avoids, whenever possible,
saying the word socialism or Communism, except some fools in the
American left.  Now he says: "our choice" is the open market and
private property, capitalism. That's what he told the bankers at
Wall Street in his recent visit to New York.

In sum, Yankee imperialism -and its fat Cuban worms in Miami- are
sitting at the table with silverware in hand, ready to be served
the Cuban captive cooked and dressed by Soviet Social-Imperialism
which has caused so much evil and ruin, with its treason to the
people of the world in almost four decades of darkness and

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