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                      SF  Inlandboatman's Union Of The
Resolutions To The 1996 Labor Party Convention


WHEREAS, according to the statistical abstract of the United
States, corporations with 100 million dollars or more in assets
represent 0.3% of total corporations in the United States, but
these same corporations control 85.7% of total corporate assets;
WHEREAS, this massive concentration of wealth constitutes a
dictatorship over US society by these corporate giants; and
this concentration of wealth is growing daily, one of the main
reasons being the ongoing privatization of publicly held
properties; and
WHEREAS, the IBU is facing the privatization of ferries in
Washington state, as described in the Pacific Mariner, and
WHEREAS, the creeping  privatization of the National Park Service
through agencies such as the National Park Association has
had a direct bearing on elimination of jobs at Red and White/Blue
and Gold Fleet; and
WHEREAS, a Labor Party which represents the interest of
the working class must oppose all privatization and take on these
giant corporations; Therefore, be it
RESOLVED:that the Labor party oppose all further privatizations
of public assets, and be it further
RESOLVED: that corporations with 100 million dollars or more in
assets be placed under public ownership so the working class can
decide how these assets will be used in the interests of society
as a whole.


WHEREAS, the IBU SF region, The IBU national, and the ILWU have
endorsed the Labor Party Advocates, and WHEREAS, the working
class in general and trade unions in particular, despite their
support of the Democratic party, have been betrayed by that party
on such issues as NAFTA and GATT, labor law reform, strikers
replacement and company unions, and
WHEREAS, the Democratic and Republican politicians cynically
espouse a populist position, witness the hypocrisy of Buchanan
who refused to endorse an increase in the minimum wage, and
attempts to divide the working class along racial, gender and
immigrant lines, instead of opposing the true enemy,
multi-national corporations, and
WHEREAS, the only national alternative has been the "reform
party" of billionaire Ross Perot; Therefore, let it be
RESOLVED:That the Labor party not endorse any Democrat,
Republican or Reform party candidate; and be it further
RESOLVED:That the Labor Party not endorse any
Democrat, Republican or Reform party candidate; and be it further
RESOLVED:That the Labor party run candidates in city, county and
state elections in 1997; and be it further
RESOLVED:That the Labor party allow each local chapter of the
Labor party to endorse and run their own candidates.

Passed at the May 14, 1996 general membership meeting of the
San Francisco IBU
Inlandboatman's Union Of The Pacific
Marine Division-International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's

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