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Tue May 28 21:00:13 MDT 1996

 >> By ONLY building the LPA, you end up strengthening the hold of the
officials over the rank + file. This will weaken you when it comes to
organising against them. <<Adam Rose

 Jon Flanders:

  I assume by this you mean that one should be organizing and educating on the
level of a marxist party like the SWP US or UK.

  In 1994 I supported the campaign of a friend of mine from this area who ran
for Governor of NY on the SWP ticket. I got half my shift to sign his
nominating petitions. I talk about capitalism all the time at work. After the
Gulf War, my "official" rr nickname(everyone gets one), was "Comrade."

  I will support the SWP campaign for the presidency this year, whatever my
criticisms, and despite the fact it will probably only make the ballot on a
few states.

  If I get the chance, I will always steer an interested worker in the
socialist direction, recommend things to read etc. When I talk about a labor
party, I am not shy about pointing out the problems the officials will create.

    Don't worry Adam, I know what you are talking about. Even if I am not a
"member" of a group just now.

 Best, Jon Flanders

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 28-May-1996

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