DON'T BE SUCH A BOURGEOIS - Or: The Thoughts of "Luis Quispe" (3)

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Tue May 28 21:12:12 MDT 1996

>> - Hello there, have you seen the exhibition of my painting of    "Guernica"
>>by Luis Quispe?
>> - But I thought it was Pablo Piccasso who painted "Guernica"
>> - What! Don't you know that "the masses re-paint history"?  What kind of
>>Maoist are you, just like "Don Adolfo"?.  I bet you even believe that
>>Michael Angelo did the "Sixtine Chapel" by Luis Quispe/Marcelina Ccorimanya
>>the "editors of the New Flag"!
>>  - Well.... I dunno..... but just like that can you take other people's
>>work and turn it into your own production?
>>  - Of course!. Property is theft! And intellectual property is bourgeois
>>property.... the masses are the masters of the universe and Luis Quispe is
>>the master of the masses!
>>  - But I thought that the PCP said that most intellectuals are petty
>>  - Of course, that is why that bastard Arce Borja and that hateful Olaechea
>>are petty bourgeois!
>>  - But the PCP program protects the rights and property of the people, and
>>they say the petty bourgeois are part of the people...... I don't know, it
>>sounds like a bit of Fujimori type of philosophy to me. Take everything from
>>the people..... Hummm....
>>  - Gulp!
>Why, Adolfo, you're a humanist! Congratulations, but don't let your friends
>know about this.

But my dear Arch:  Marxism is the highest and most complete form of
humanism. In fact the only consistent one.


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