Dialectics and Maoist class struggle via national question

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Thanks for the correction:

>Wrong way around. The Turkish working class did not form links with the
>Kurdish revolutionaries



PS Hugh has something to say too

Yup. You write:

>What I say is strong enough Hugh. I didn't dilute it. I said Maoism's
>program is viable within capitalist relations. Do I need to find just the
>right put-down, to make my point?

No. It's a question of presentation so that readers will get the real
significance of what you're saying. Those who agree with you will see the
impact of your point, but we don't just write for those who agree with us,
do we?

When you say 'viable within capitalist relations', I suspect a lot of
people will miss what you are saying completely (they won't be able to
recall you making any statement about Maoism and its ability to coexist
with capitalist relations) or will nod and pass on as if the continued
existence of capitalist relations isn't a very big deal.

For me, the socialist revolution requires the abolition of capitalist
relations on a world scale, starting in individual countries with the
establishment of workers' states. So a revolutionary programme openly
countenancing the continuation of capitalist relations at state level, is
in fact counter-revolutionary.

This must be said again and again, very clearly. It's not a question of
finding a putdown. It's a question of letting workers and oppressed people
who want to join a revolutionary movement against capitalist oppression
know where they stand. If the movement they join actually stands for
continued relations of capitalist exploitation, they have the right to know
this before any seizure of power and subsequent disillusionment.

Although Stalinist, not Maoist, the ANC provides a perfect example of this.
Although its programme was clear about stagism and the continued existence
of capitalist relations, the lack of clarity in people's minds relating to
the counter-revolutionary aspects of the party led to false expectations of
radical change to the advantage of the black workers. Though true to their
programme, the ANC have proved treacherous to their people, and the same
goes for other movements fighting on a Stalinist or Maoist programme.

So, what you say is strong enough, but the way you say it isn't.



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