re-some thoughts on organizing

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Wed May 29 00:31:41 MDT 1996

re-some thoughts on organizing

Louis Godena,

1. The degree of anomie that exists at present in north america
and europe raises the question of how people associate to effect
political change. The old organizational models are not working.

The imperitive of organizing is not at issue. I have been involved in
various kinds of political organizations in my life, and am too familiar
with hidden agendas and burnout.

What is at issue is how to evolve structures that suit our times, rather
than those of Lenin.

2. Organizing in face-to-face situations is not the same as organizing
over the internet. The exchanges that have taken place on this list re-
the PCP over the past months have shown me that what is at stake is not
simply one or two "poisonous weeds" but the soil in which they grow.

3. While you are convinced that the PCP is the voice of the Peruvian people,
I wish to leave that question to the Peruvian people themselves to decide.
Jon Flanders wrote about the  missed opportunity of Fujimori's visit to
the country. I suspect the opportunity was lost in part because of the great
confusion among the members of the support committees. Likewise, Jon
pointed to the Berrensson case as being a way of raising consciousness among
Americans about the situation in Peru. Yet given the narrow focus of the MPP,

Lori Berrenson's political affiliations with the MRTA would seem to rule that
Please comment.

4. With all due respect Louis, when you write "We are just beginning to
witness the effects of the Peruvian revolution in Brasil, Bolivia, and
elsewhere in Latin America. Its ramifications will be felt worldwide,
are, in fact, are beginning to be felt, especially, in Europe and South Asia"
reminds me of Quispe's new flag waving.

Who is spreading the revolution worldwide, the PCP or the IMF?

5. I was disappointed that you avoided my question about "tainted sources."
had quite a violent disagreement over the use of Amnesty reports in doing
solidarity work. I wanted to know if you had changed your views.


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