37 million "displaced people"

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Wed May 29 09:33:01 MDT 1996

As a related story to the previous one about humanity flocking to the
cities for survival...

The key to this newstory is (IMHO, of course) penetrating the hegemonic
newsmedia mythos thrown right in your face in the lead: "Ethnic and
religious wars and collapsing nations".

What the hell does that really mean? ... We aren't told. I'm sure the
reporter doesn't know, himself.



    Paul Schliesmann
    Southam News Network
    Toronto Star
    May 29 1996 p. A20

    OTTAWA -- Ethnic and religious wars and collapsing nations are
    dramatically increasing the number of refugees and displaced people
    around the world, according to World Disaster Report.

    The report, issued today by the Red Cross and Red Cresent societies,
    notes that the number of displaced people from the above causes grew
    to 37 million last year, compared to 22 million in 1985 [60 per cent

    When natural disasters... are taken into account, the figure jumps to
    133 million....

    -- During the next 10 years, the number of people in flight will

    -- By 2005, the need for food aid will outpace supply by 37.5 million

    -- Spending on humanitarian aid will decrease.


    Between 1990 and 1994, world humanitarian spending grew by 368 per
    cent. But in 1995, it decreased by 25 per cent, signalling the start
    of the downward trend.

    Both Europe and the United States are criticized in the report for
    restricting immigration which has resulted in "the prospects for
    refugee resettlment or political asylum... worsening."


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