Stalinist ANC?

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Wed May 29 10:41:20 MDT 1996

Louis writes with remarkable equanimity and complete amnesia regarding
socialist illusions in the ANC during the anti-Apartheid struggle:

>Nobody on the Marxist left at this point entertains any illusions that the
>ANC is about to challenge capitalist rule in South Africa. This has led
>small socialist groups to rail against ANC "betrayal". This is an
>undialectical view of what has taken place. What must be weighed against
>ANC faintheartedness in the face of the Afrikaner bourgeoisie is the
>monumental change in the strategic and military relationship of forces in
>Africa. The fact that the South African army is no longer free to roam the
>continent acting as the gendarme of imperialism is nothing to sneer at.
>This change was not accomplished through hat-in-hand appeals to the
>Afrikaner. It was won through the armed struggle of African liberation
>armies in combination with the Cuban army.

Stand up at a workers' meeting in South Africa and tell them they ought to
be damn well satisfied with what they've got, and see what response you

If you think they ought not to be damn well satisfied with what they've
got, stop gazing back and admiring the past and look at how to cope with
the present needs of the working class in South Africa. And tell us about

By the way, who's sneering at the fall of apartheid and the relative
curbing of the South African armed forces? Even advances that fall short of
proletarian socialist revolution, such as February in Russia and the end of
dictatorships such as those in eg Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil and Chile
should be welcomed. The trouble is that changes of regime in bourgeois
states don't fundamentally affect the world balance of power between the
working class and the bourgeoisie, and this needs to be very clearly



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