Marxism vs. Pomo. A partial bibliography. Part 2.

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Wed May 29 09:44:23 MDT 1996

This continues from the geras citation at the end of part 1.

Ernest Laclau/Chantal Mouffe, "Post-Marxism without Apologies" (A reply
to Norman Geras), NLR 166 (Nov-Dec 1987), pp. 79-106.

Nicos Mouzelis, "Marxism or Post-Marxism" (Commentary on Geras and
Laclau/Mouffe), NLR 167 (Jan-Feb 1988), 107-123.

Ellen Meiksins Wood, "Capitalism and Human Emancipation," NLR 167 (Jan-
Feb 1988), pp. 1-21. (Again, not directly on pomo, but it exercises
a historical methodology which, I think, is an implicit critique of
discourse theory and most brands of "post-marxism.")

Norman Geras, "Ex-Marxism without Substance: Being a Real Reply to
Laclau and Mouffe," NLR 169 (May/Jne 1988), pp. 34-62.

Barbara Fields, "Slavery, Race and Ideology in the United States
of America," NLR 181 (May/Jne 1990), pp. 95-118. [This is important
to the debate, I think, because of its bold contrast between
ideology and *knowable* actuality and history.]

Peter Burger, "Aporias of Modern Aesthetics," NLR 184 (Nov/Dec 1990),
pp. 47-57. [I have not read this, but on the cover it is announced
as "The Tangles of Postmodernity."]

Michael Sprinker, "The Royal Road: Marxism and the Philosophy of Science,"
NLR 191 (Jan/Feb 1992), pp. 122-144. [Discusses Bhaskar, Rorty,
Althusser, G. Elliott, Balibar, Andrew Collier, Aronowitz,
Feyerabend. I read it long ago and don't remember it at all

Felix Pirani, "The Crisis in Cosmology," NLR 191 (Jan/Feb 92), pp.
69-89. [This may or may not be relevant: I don't remember it
at all, though I read it at the time.]

Ellen Meiksins Wood, "Custom against Capitalism" (Review of Linebaugh,
*The London Hanged*), NLR 195 (Sept/Oct 1992), pp. 21-28. [Again,
it turns on the knowability of history.]

I have more, but again my editor is giving me some trouble so
I'll stop here now.


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