Blues & Jazz (and punk!)

Matt D. afn02065 at
Wed May 29 14:23:11 MDT 1996

Lou P. wrote:

> Jazz is at the end of a long
>creative cycle today and the most popular musicians like Wynton Marsalis
>simply offer a pastiche of the styles of 30 and 40 years ago.

Lou!  C'mon... whatever W.M. does, it certainly isn't "simply" a "pastiche"
of anything.  The man is a master!  Certainly we proles can appreciate
virtuosity and technical excellence as much as anyone -- and still feel
the music too.

>The minute popular music starts to lose this connection, it starts to
>lose its vitality.

OK, but jazz as it exists today is less akin to popular music, and more
akin to "serious"  (that's not the word I want, but I'm having a little diffi-
culty coming up w/ a better one) composition.  And that's fine.  W/in that
framework, we appreciate it in a different fashion than we would other music.
But just because a musical tradition is or has become "non-popular"
doesn't mean that it's bad -- or even worse than it was.

As for Latin "popular music" I encourage you to turn on Univision or
Telemundo sometime if you want to see truly horrid pap that just sucks
the soul right out of you.  And the kids eat it up.  Pathetic.

-- Matt D.

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