Stalin, or rather our imaginary of Stalin...

Matt D. afn02065 at
Wed May 29 15:09:19 MDT 1996

Rahul wrote:

>"Capital, or rather our imaginary of Capital, still belongs for the most
>part to a demonology of the Other."
>How much stupidity and arrogance can you pack into one sentence?

Hear, hear!

But then he goes on to say:

>To find similar dishonesty in Marxist
>intellectuals, you have to go into the depths of Stalin apologia.

Good lord!  Must we drag Stalin into this?  Certainly J.S.
himself wouldn't abide that sort of crap.  Besides which, I can
apologize for Stalin from sunup 'til sunset w/out ever sinking
to the level of Mr. Ross.

Of course, maybe that just means I'm not an intellectual...

-- Matt "Sorry about that" D.

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