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                      Proletarians of All Countries Unite!

             Part 1 of a series of 4 Articles

"Marx himself helps us to understand him, since there is so much
talk of freedom, then, from what? from who? from what class? for
who? Freedom of the bourgeoisie to crush the worker! To crush not
only the proletarian class, but also all those who work through
sweat and tears! Marx already told us, so much talk of freedom,
and so much talk that this system derives from liberty. Without
understanding that such liberty, is the ideological product of
the actual capitalist system, this is what today we understand as
liberty." President Gonzalo,
Central Committee Communist Party of Peru (P.C.P.)

I. THE IDEOLOGY OF THE PROLETARIAT. The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,
Gonzalo Thought world conception, allows us to understand the
bourgeois, reactionary and counter-revolutionary character of the
so-called "human rights" that today imperialism, chiefly U.S.
imperialism and its lackeys, manipulate around the world. At the
same time, the proletariat's ideology teaches and helps us to
understand, conquer, serve, and defend the Rights of the People,
the People's Rights to a new and better life.

K. Marx and F. Engels, with great conscious clarity, correctly
synthesized that "the average price of wage labor is the minimum
wage, i.e. the quantity of means of subsistence (means of life)
necessary to keep the workers in bare existence as workers"
(industrial, agricultural, and service workers).  Therefore, what
the average wage-worker appropriates by means of his labor is
hardly sufficient to prolong and reproduce his bare existence.
Proletarians, as a class --through the dictatorship of the
proletariat-- by no means intend to abolish this personal
appropriation and consumption of the products from one's labor,
on the contrary, the proletariat aims at improving and further
enlarging the appropriation and enjoyment of the means of
subsistence for the working classes; such workers' appropriation
occurs for the basic maintenance and reproduction of human life,
and it leaves no surplus-value that leads to exploit other
people's labor-power.  All that the proletariat aims at -through
PEOPLE'S WAR- is to do away with the miserable and unjust
character of capitalist private property of the means of social
production.  Under private property, the workers live merely to
increase capital (material and cultural wealth) for the enjoyment
of greedy capitalists and landlords, and in this way workers are
allowed to live only as long as the greedy interests of the rich
ruling classes require it.

Thus, it becomes clear that in order to construct, improve, and
further develop the means of life for the working classes'
benefit, it is essential to demolish the private ownership that
rich ruling classes impose over the means of social production
which consists in the private appropriation of industrial
machinery factories, means of transportation, buildings, banks,
medical services, technological, scientific and cultural
resources, etc. The existing social relations of production do
not serve any longer to meet the basic physiological and cultural
needs of the working classes worldwide. On the contrary, everyday
the existing property relations (exploitation relations imposed
by the rich ruling classes) come into conflict and obstruct the
actual development of the material and social productive forces
already capable to satisfy the means of life for all working
people.  Through the "free market," a growing exploitation,
thievery, unemployment, poverty, hopelessness, misery, disease,
oppression, ignorance, crimes, prostitution, drug addiction,
pollution, etc. are imposed on working people.  It is a clear
fact that the existing privately owned means of social production
need to be transformed into collectively owned means to meet and
satisfy the ever evolving basic needs and rights of working
people, in the city and countryside, and in all aspects of life.

The working class masses, proletarians, peasants, and
progressives led by the proletariat's vanguard in every country,
must exercise the right to conquer political Power, to
appropriate the means of social production to end people's
sufferings, and to construct ALL material and social means of
life to reach socialism, and through successive cultural
revolutions, conquer the true kingdom of liberty, Communism, when
the free development of each will be the necessary condition for
the free development of all.  The experiences in Russia, in
China, and now in Peru, confirm that such inevitable
transformation will be achieved in every country through the
revolutionary People's War (the highest form of class struggle)
to demolish the corrupted State and Power of capitalists,
landlords and native lackeys, and to conquer, defend, and develop
is the inevitable path and true lesson from known history, the
history of contradictions and class struggles in human society,
as K. Marx and F. Engels correctly synthesized, and today
confirmed in practice by the heroic COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU (PCP)
through the victorious People's War.


[Document of the Peru People's Movement (PCP), May 1996.
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