Poland, the environment, communism. etc

Vladimir Bilenkin azarov at igc.apc.org
Wed May 29 18:58:56 MDT 1996


It was Maruzelsky, I believe.

You've made a good point on bourgeois ideologues' exploitation of
environmental problems for anti-communist propaganda.  This is one of
the examples of how capital appropriates for its own purposes radical
discourses when they are not radical enough.( Bourgeois feminism is
another example).  In American Sovietology this was a whole industry from
1980s on, I believe.  You would look in vain however for any discussion
of the enourmous amount of poisonous waste that are being dumped now in
FSU by foreign companies.  This are peanuts however in comparison to
the global project of "sustained development." They are selling it now
in Russia to justify de-industrialization and de-population.



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