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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu May 30 07:19:01 MDT 1996

I apologize for my bad temper but I think I may be getting to the bottom
of the problem at this point. I have a suspicion that many of the people
on the list, including Louis G., use Windows to post and receive their
mail. Those who do probably don't see any "line-wrap" problem. There are
other people, including myself, who use a university account. University
accounts are tied to Unix machines which are character-based. This means
that a line can only be 72 characters wide. So if you write a post in
Windows in which a line is more than 72 characters, it will spill over to
the next line. It will not be obvious to the sender or other people using
Windows. To the rest of us it will be unreadable.

If you are not interested in university-based people reading your posts
(is this the problem? hmmmm), then continue on the same basis. If you want
us to read it, then make sure that your lines are not longer than 72
characters. The best way to ensure this is to either compose your posts
off-line in a word-processor with a 2 inch right margin. If you want to
post directly into your mailing program, then enter carriage returns at
approximately 2/3's of the way across. This will probably be a pain in the
ass, but until I figure out a solution, this is the only guarantee of

Louis Proyect

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> You, quite inexplicably, wrote:
> >Don't be such a wise-guy, Godena. Neil C. the other ultraleft you were
> >bickering with the other week had an identical problem and I helped him
> >out. I do this sort of thing for a living. If you want your posts to be
> >unreadable, that's fine with me.
> Who's being a wise-guy?   You offered t o help, and I accepted.   I had
> asked two or
> three others if they had a problem reading my posts.    They demurred.   I
> assumed
> the problem was at your end.    I don't blessed thing about computers.    If
> there is a
> problem, I guess I should fix it.
>                                               Louis

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