Jose Saavedra: "net.terrorist"

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Thu May 30 07:31:41 MDT 1996

Here's some details on the case of Jose Saavedra -- the 19-year-old El
Paso Texas student arrested by California senator Tim Leslie for
"terrorism" for his post to a newsgroup.

California issued a "fugitive from justice" warrant to drag his ass to

The kid was arrested May 8. On May 10, The Sacramento Bee ran a story
called "Internet Threat to Leslie Brings Arrest":

    "Jose Eduardo Saavedra was arrested Wednesday morning on a no-bail
    warrant based on felony charges filed in Sacramento alleging that he
    made terrorist threats and threatened a public offical, El Paso County
    Sheriff's Sgt. Don Marshall said."

    "The computer message posted March 6 read: 'Let's hunt Sen. Tim Leslie
    for sport . . . I think it would be great' if he 'were hunted down and
    skinned and mounted for our viewing pleasure.'"

Ann Beeson, of the American Civil Liberties Association, rightly points
out that it seems the kids net provider just forked over whatever info
the police wanted. Whether they had the option remains to be seen.

The ACLU North California is taking up the case.

Here is the actual post from Saavedra.


Subject:      Re: Hunting Mountain Lions
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Instead of huntng Lions in California, let us declare open season
on State SEN TIM LESLIE, his family, everyone he holds near and
dear, the Cattlemen's association and anyone else who feels that LIONS
in California should be killed.

I think it would be great to see ths slimeball, asshole, conservative
moron hunted down and skinned and mounted for our viewing pleasure.

I would rather see every right-wing nut like scumface Leslie destroyed
in the name of politicl sport, then lose one mountain lion whose only
fault is havng to live in a state with a fuck-ed up jerk like this
shit-faced republican and his supporters.

Pray for his death.  Pray for all their deaths.

Lets HUNT Sen. Tim Leslie for sport?


How many of you have made statements akin to this in heated flame wars?

Fighting along with the ACLU and EFF in free speech campaigns online is
very much a working class issue -- since working class issues usually are
a threat to the established order.


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