Jose Saavedra: "net.terrorist"

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu May 30 10:32:55 MDT 1996

At 9:31 AM 5/30/96, zodiac wrote:

>Here's some details on the case of Jose Saavedra -- the 19-year-old El
>Paso Texas student arrested by California senator Tim Leslie for
>"terrorism" for his post to a newsgroup.

Interesting. If you read the right-wing newsgroups, you see all kinds of
threatening, violent language, including some directed at what the White
House calls POTUS, the President of the United States. I even got a death
threat after a posting to one of those loony bin conspiracy gruops. Nothing
ever happens to them. Leave it to a right winger to press charges against
someone who seems more or less left. Just goes to show you that when speech
restrictions kick in, it's never the right that loses. Remember that, Simon
Wiesenthal Center, and all you other "anti-hate-speech" types.



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