Marxism vs. Pomo. A partial bibliography. Part 3

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More, though I'm nearing the end of the works I know of.

Aijaz Ahmad, "Reconciling Derrida: 'Spectres of Marx' and
Deconstructive Politics," NLR 208 (Nov/Dec 94), pp. 88-106.

Russell Jacoby, "The Myth of Multiculturalism," NLR 208
(Nov/Dec 94), pp. 121-126. (I hate to add this because Jacoby
seems to me rather an asshole, but it is interesting.)

Peter Linebaugh, "Gruesome Girtie at the Buckle of the Bible
Belt," NLR 209 (Jan/Feb 1995), pp. 15-33. [Not on the subject
but an immensely powerful article which either could not be
written within what I think of as pomo or would lose all its

Fredric Jameson, "Marx's Purloined Letter," NLR 209 (Jan/Feb
1995), pp. 75-109. [Cover blurb: On Derrida and Marx]

Jeffrey C. Alexander, "Modern, Anti, Post, Neo," NLR 210 (Mar/
Apr 1995), pp. 63-104. [I can't remember anything about it.]

Christopher Norris, "Truth, Science and the Growth of Knowledge,"
NLR 210 (Mar/Apr 1995), 105-124.  (I can't remember the content
of this; perhaps Jon can explain Norris' "nonsense" as expressed
in this article.)

Eleni Varikas, "Gender, Experience and Subjectivity: The
Tilly-Scott Disagreement," NLR 211 (May/Jne 1995), pp. 89-104.
[When I read this I didn't understand it, not knowing who Tilly
and Scott were. So I don't know if it belongs in this list or

Alexander Cockburn, "A Short, Meat-Oriented History of the World.
>From Eden to Mattole," NLR 215 (Jan/Feb 1996), pp. 16-42. [See
comments on Linebaugh, above.]

_The Angolite: The Prison News Magazine_. Any issue, almost any article.
See comments on Linebaugh above for its relevance.

_Prison Legal News_. Same comments as on Angolite.

Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach.
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