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Fri May 31 02:39:53 MDT 1996

Louis wrote:
> On Thu, 30 May 1996, Adam Rose wrote:
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> > Many countries come into conflict with Imperialism, the biggest recent one being
> > Iraq. There is no problem being clearly against Imperialism, for a
> > defeat of Imperialism ( the USA and Cuba / Iraq , Russia and Chechenya )
> > while at the same time identifying the regime under attack from Imperialism
> > as capitalist.
> >
> Louis: To lump Iraq together with Cuba on the basis that both were the
> targets of US attacks tells me that your answer to the question of how to
> define Cuba is simply another question. That question is "What is Iraq?" A
> close examination of the political economy of the Baathist regime would be
> called for as would be one for Cuba. You admit you are in no position to
> do either, but feel free to render opinions on both. I am no authority on Iraq,
> but I bet a nickel that if I took the time to research this country, I
> could identify substantial class differences between it and Cuba. Your
> schematic understanding of Iraq and Cuba is another example of list
> members taking the high road of "theory" without bothering to ever touch
> down on the rather mundane world of facts.

Of course there are substantial differences between Cuba + Iraq.
For a start, Castro came to power because of a revolution, in opposition
to Imperialism, while Saddam came to power by buying the revolution in
alliance with Imperialism. Saddam almost accidently turned on his Imperialist
masters, Castro was on a collision course with the US from the very beginning.
The various national tensions in Iraq don't have their equivalent in Cuba, etc,

But this wasn't the point I was making.

Or rather it was the point I was making, which is that the internal nature
of the regime is completely irrelevant from the point of view of defending
it against Imperialism. So when Italy attacked Ethiopia in the 1930's,
socialists everywhere were for a defeat of Italy. The fact that slavery was
still legal and practised in Ethiopia at the time was completely irrelevant.


Adam Rose


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