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Fri May 31 03:51:31 MDT 1996

>  >> Did I miss something ? <<Adam Rose
>  Jon Flanders:
>   I saw the film after reading Reed's article, and was struck by how clearly
> the film fit his description of the nostalgia boom in the black upper class.
> Yes, it accurately depicts LA black society at the time.
>   Again though, there was running through everything a halo of sentimentality
> for a vanished world where place was clearly defined and those who stepped out
> of line were punished, symbolized by the female lead.

But Washington's character was disguisted by the way people who stepped out of
line were punished for it. And we are made to have more sympathy for his openly
violent brother than the hidden violence of the white upper classes.

I felt the idealised, cardboard cut out, tension free closing shot was pasted on
to a basically realistic, gritty, contradictory film. But maybe I was just trying
to mentally edit out the bits I didn't like.


Adam Rose


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