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Fri May 31 06:37:46 MDT 1996

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Carrol Cox wrote:

>     I agree totally with Ken that we (the left) should never attempt to
> gain our goals by strengthening the state power, and urging state
> censorship is suicidal.
>     But that does *not* mean that we cannot (through mass struggles of
> one sort or another) attempt to silence (or at least cover up with
> static) some forms of reactionary speech: I have racist speech primarily
> in mind.

Carrol is right. And I always support action against racists. When
Toronto's own Anti-Racist Action was up against the growing Heritage Front
in 1993, I supported them all the way. The entire media, "alternative"
included, plus many lefty groups like the International Socialists,
condemned the ARA as "anarchists." But I'd be happy to live in any
neighborhood they are an intrinsic part of. (In Toronto, the
Kensington/Annex area is generally thought of as ARA-country. "NAZI FREE
ZONE" is found spray painted around.)

If racists stay in their rooms, listening to their little CDs, fine. If
they march in the street, kick their heads in (or any figurative
equivalent that suits your nature and the situation at hand). But don't
create legal institutions to punish speech when those institutions are
controlled by distant individuals in a class with directly opposing
interests to your own class.


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