Revisiting old problems

Adam Rose adam at
Fri May 31 08:17:18 MDT 1996

> You take the approach of a catechist instead. Question to a new recruit:
> "What is the position of the Socialist Workers Party (British) on Cuba?"
> New recruit's answer: "It is state capitalist". Questioner: "Very good!"

Actually, we talk about Blair, reform + revolution, parliament, why the
soviet union collapsed ( eg did Lenin lead to Stalin ? Do all revolutions lead
to tyranny ? - and in that context, State Cap ). Cuba doesn't get a look in.

> We have other expectations on this list. I am a hectoring, obnoxious,
> stubborn old man who demands substance from people who purport to be
> Marxists. If you are ignorant of what took place under Fidel Castro,

I'm not ignorant, Louis. I just can't compete with you when it comes to
firing off figures.

Sorry. ! .

But my criterion for socialism is simple, "socialism == workers power == a
commune state". Such a state doesn't exist in Cuba, therefore Cuba is not
socialist. Now, are you arguing that there is such a state in Cuba ? Or
are you arguing that socialism is something different to workers power ?
Choose your horn.


Adam Rose


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