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Fri May 31 08:00:15 MDT 1996

Signor Quixano, it would truly be a tragedy if I were to end up liking you.
Is "kilometric" your own concoction? It's marvelous. I think you shouldn't
be so down on Groucho Marxism, though. You seem to have a talent for it.


>Every time that "Sargent Chucky Quispe/Ccorimanya/Aguirre" is further
>exposed as a Fujimori agent, he goes into OVERDRIVE posting pilfered
>documents, memorabilia, poems of the revolution, etc that he himself is
>trying to destroy on his master's orders.
>Particulary funny are his "great Marxist creations" that he signs "MPP-USA"
>but which are nothing but "eight legged essays" in typical stereotype Party
>writing, made up of kilometric and vapid concoctions made up by splicing
>together the writings of Chairman Gonzalo and other documents to make them
>sound convincing.
>Do you remember what Groucho Marx used to say about textile materials?
>"Never mind the quality, feel the width....."?  I think Sargent Chucky's
>tactics to try to elude the unmasking of his true role as an agent of the
>Fujimori regime is also straight from Grouchian "Marxism".  They sure
>deserve to bear proudly the label of: "NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, FILL THE
>Adolfo Olaechea
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