Jose Saavedra: "net.terrorist"

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri May 31 10:18:38 MDT 1996

At 10:32 PM 5/30/96, Ang  wrote:

>I am not surprised that laws are applied unevenly.   I disagree with the
>conclusion you reach because of it, though.  I think the "anti-hate-speech
>types" don't believe that generic 'hate' speech or political commentary like
>that of Jose Saavedra's should be banned.  Instead  I think they would like to
>ban racist speech, that of denigrating individuals or groups because of their
>race.  This is the kind of speech that the right uses and the left wouldn't
>suffer from any restrictions on it.  How could such an anti-racist speech law
>be applied unevenly?

These things aren't so easy to define. What about a black nationalist
denouncing white devils? Or a Marxist denouncing the capitalist pigs? The
first contains a germ of truth, even as it essentializes; the second
carries more than a germ. But a strict constructionist could easily view
them as hate speech and prosecute. Weren't the first materials seized under
Canada's MacKinnon-Dworkin anti-porn laws some lesbian magazines?



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